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November 02, 2005

Trara der November, der ist da!

since I have done quite a bit of undergroud work recently, meaning, I haven't contacted a single soul, it is now time to me to march back in public or at least write something to say that I'm only half dead, yet.
Well, actually I have a huge time period of 5 mintes to spare, so I'm once more gonna exploit the limits of my typing skills.
Right, last week I was asked by a complete stranger about some more gossip, which considering that he didn't know any of my friends, can't have been to interesting for him. Plus, everyone who know's me will agree, I don't gossip, I analyse and reflect.
So, my last refelctions have mainly been about my career i suppose. Am still more than busy with all the application forms, because I decided to have some more reflactions this year and actually get active. (for anyone who know;s that my typing and spelling is carp, no I meant to write reflactions to get a little word joke in here!)

Oh, oh before I forget! Happy Birthday Richard! Don't know how old you're actually getting, but I am worshipping this special day! Probably with some drinks at thew BioSoc meeting tonight, so if anyone is interested (and near enough to be able to make it) varsity tonight!

And if I manage another free space of 10 minutes tonight I'll put up some pictures from my birthday. Some are actuallt quite nice. And thanks a lot to those who have written to me but who I haven't quite come back to, yet, it'll happen.
Admittedly I have been writing for longer than 5 minutes now, so I wish you all a nice and sunny day!
I still haven't figured out how the weather here works. i mean what is it about Britain that makes you freeze one day and as soon as you put on something warmer you feel like being in Nicaragua!?
Well, this reminds me of another thing. Thanks to my generous aunt Elli, I know have a sweet little sponsored child in Nicaragua, so if anyone happens to know some Spanish ans is willing to translate a letter in exchange for a drink maybe, please contact me! Oh, and I make it even more attractive, I will not only sponsor the drink, I will also be there as company! Thoug, I might make my presence optional, don't want to put anyone off!
Well, wish you a good day again! Study hard!
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