February 06, 2008

How I Made My Millions


I promised myself that I will never start a blog as there is a sufficient level of self-indulgence in my life already. However, in the past I have broken more important vows for the sake of my education (e.g. not talking to old ppl, who are not family members) and here I am.

Although I find the concept of being my own boss quite appealing, I don’t think I will actually become an entrepreneur. First of all, I can neither spell nor pronounce that correctly. Secondly, when I think about my future I see myself only as a corporate slave, working over hours so that my boss can buy his 3rd Maybach or a poor, tormented artists that’s sitting in a basement smoking opium and writing poetry (don’t let CME fool you, this is what true artists do). The issue is that entrepreneurship involves too much of risk taking. Entrepreneurs have to be either extremely risk-seeking, extremely lucky or extremely ignorant. And out of this three, I am only slightly ignorant.

I had numerous ideas so far , however, majority of them were either silly, morally wrong or illegal. These are the selected, relatively sane proposals.

1.      Personalized Punk’dIf you think that neither a pair of socks nor a love doll are original gifts, hire us to prank your friends.

2.      Mewants.com – on-line bidding system that links people that need things done\made to people that can do\make them

3.      Music videos / VJ sets production -  Polish music scene is not particularly interesting, but it’s not that bad. However the music videos are just foul, and the VJ scene… em what VJ scene? It’s high time to change it! Yay!

4.      Elsewhere – customized, partly- scripted experience/holidays for ridiculously rich people. Now you can experience a tailored adventure of a Tuscan shepherd or Silesian baker. Experience different kind of life. Emm yes, it was inspired by ‘Simple Life’.

5.      I AM SMART accessories – book covers with titles of uber-intellectual pieces of literature (e.g. Ulysses or In Search of Lost Time Vol 6,. that you can put on your JK Rowling or Helen Fielding book, T-shirt’s, bag and mugs with quotes by Kierkegaard, Sartre and Cioran. How cool is that?

I guess I am going to work on the most mundane idea, mostly for the fun of posting many cool videos and VJ stuff here. Stay tuned.

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