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October 30, 2005

It didn't get much better!

Ok, so my week pretty much carried on how it started with a few problems with a certain someone from my past, which is where he is now going to stay! But we did win our first hockey game this week! yay! 7–1, it was such a good game to watch! obviously it meant getting drunk afterwards, which we did on the bus ride home as our bus driver decided to take the rather long scenic route! our captain couldn't get served at the service station we stopped in so thought it would be funny to steal the traffic cone from there, which then made an appearance at score! it was quite funny! Then we had our third team meal on thursday which was an awesome night out, well the bits i can remember were! i just wish i could remember more of it to set the record straight to a certain someone who will remain nameless. But it was great to get to know all the girls from the team better. Then i've just been working over the weekend and trying to get job applications done at the same time, not the easiest thing in the world!

October 24, 2005


Ok, my day can't have really started off much worse.
I managed to drag myself out of bed and get ready for my 10am support class for 9:15, plenty of time to get to uni! Get in the car, turn the key and the car won't start. So i get out my AA card and ring them to be kept on hold for 15 minutes as they had a high number of callers. Did not put me in the best of moods. So i give them all my details and they tell me they will be there in an hour, not very helpful so by this point i had no chance of getting to my 10am support class and probably my 11am as well. That meant making sure my mate Jim went to the lecture for me. But i didn't want to wait an hour so I text the guy that has been mentioned in a previous blog that i couldn't get rid of as, well, he does engineering and has worked a little as a mechanic. So he comes round and actually gets my car to start! but i felt obliged to invite him in for a cup of tea for doing that, i'm far too nice! Anyway, i had to call the AA again to cancel them only to be kept on hold for another 15 minutes (why did so many people break down at the same time as me?!?!) and make my way to uni to do some work. I had a brainwave (yes, i realise that does not happen too often) there was another support class on at 3, which meant missing my 3pm lecture but i thought my mate Guy would be back by then so one of us could go to the support class, one to the lecture. Sadly, Guy was still in Durham, how rude! So i text Jim, and he isn't feeling well and said he might not get to the lecture! NOOOO!!! This meant relying on Howard, something one should never really do but i do believe he made it to the lecture, thankfully. Although, i now have hockey training in the rain so i am not best pleased with the disaster of a day i have had! Grr!!!!

October 20, 2005

I came to the conclusion it was time to buy a webcam!

I got my webcam today in the post after being bullied into it! Apparently i'm behind the times by not having one! but it is quite cool. although i haven't had a conversation using it with someone, i can't wait now!
My great aunt is on "What not to wear" on the 2nd November, which i think is so cool. Although i am quite hurt i wasn't invited to her family "viewing party", i am family after all! But i'm so proud of her for doing it, and she looks sooo much better, even if she doesn't agree!

October 11, 2005

A dedication to our lovely fish

I'm so very sad whilst writing this entry, as our 3rd fish out of 4 has just passed away tonight. But i think there is something wrong as we have done everything the pet shop said and yet 3 of our fish have died within 2 weeks. Now i'm no fish expert but i was sure that goldfish were fresh water fish yet the pet shop told us to put salt in the water as the water here is too hard for them. But i come from Kent and the level of chalk in our water is extremely high and when i had goldfish at home i was never told to add salt to the water, and they lived happily for years.

But, our 3 fish have died and i would like to say Rest In Peace to Hook, Stud and Jaws and wish them all the best in fishy heaven.

I miss them terribly! But at least we still have Bruno, LONG LIVE BRUNO!!!!!

October 07, 2005

I'm a finalist!

It's so very crazy, i can't believe i actually finish uni this year and enter the real world! however, i'm enjoying my course a lot more this year, which can't be a bad thing.

I would like to start my first blog of the year off with a general moan about a company which always seems to have several people moaning about them all the time! NTL. i have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone to them this term where they insisted on telling me the same information over and over again to set our internet up, despite me telling them that it didn't work the previous 10 times they tried. but to find out they could have done it all from their end right from the beginning is the most frustrating thing in the world. I hate NTL!!!!!

Out of my system now, yay! now, all i need is for someone to tell me the best way of getting rid of a guy that has hassled me ever since i got completely wasted at the first top b. how i managed to give him my correct number i will never know but i really can't get rid of him!

I really should do some work, which is depressing as it is a friday night but i don't have much other time to do it!

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