October 30, 2005

It didn't get much better!

Ok, so my week pretty much carried on how it started with a few problems with a certain someone from my past, which is where he is now going to stay! But we did win our first hockey game this week! yay! 7–1, it was such a good game to watch! obviously it meant getting drunk afterwards, which we did on the bus ride home as our bus driver decided to take the rather long scenic route! our captain couldn't get served at the service station we stopped in so thought it would be funny to steal the traffic cone from there, which then made an appearance at score! it was quite funny! Then we had our third team meal on thursday which was an awesome night out, well the bits i can remember were! i just wish i could remember more of it to set the record straight to a certain someone who will remain nameless. But it was great to get to know all the girls from the team better. Then i've just been working over the weekend and trying to get job applications done at the same time, not the easiest thing in the world!

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  1. well done on securing an interveiw!! Good Luck!!

    01 Nov 2005, 23:22

  2. Aww, thanks Cait!

    02 Nov 2005, 19:41

  3. I hope the interview goes rubbish.

    (Not really! I think it's going to be greeeaaatt! Haha!)

    P.S. Chimp wishes you luck too

    04 Nov 2005, 20:33

  4. Edd

    Ooh! Well done! Good luck! When is it?

    05 Nov 2005, 02:27

  5. Tuesday 15th November. But even if it goes well, i would still need another 2 to get the job! Too many interviews!

    06 Nov 2005, 12:22

  6. A certain someone?? hmmm, don't you know its hard/damn near impossible to keep secrets from the hockey girls??? lol. Pity about our match yesterday, we'll thrash 'em on the return leg though.
    Good luck with your interview/applications
    Roo :-)

    10 Nov 2005, 11:16

  7. I have to say, I didn't no any of the hockey girls read my blog but there you go! This certain someone i think is unknown to the majority of the hockey girls (he doesn't do sport) so leaving him nameless is fine! although anyone that knows me should be able to guess who it is, but i don't think you will know him Roo!

    10 Nov 2005, 17:02

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