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June 08, 2005

sitting in the library, pretending to be hard at work

2 entries in one day,thats quite a result! i've just realised how many definitions i need to learn for metric spaces on saturday and its depressing me. i just want them to be over!!!! everyone looks so very bored in the library, which is understandable but it is depressing me even more seeing so many students slaving away over their work. which is probably what i should be doing but for some reason, i really do not know why, but i just don't want to!
I would also like to say just how much i am missing the football season and i can't wait to see palace go straight back up to the premiership where we belong! it would also be awesome if we made it to the fa cup final as then we would be the first team playing at the new wembley stadium! it would be so cool!
i'm going to get back to something that will hopefully resemble work now, as otherwise there really is no point me coming to the library!

i think everyone would agree, it was bad!!!

I know applied analysis was going to be bad but coming out of the exam thinking that all the revision i had done had been a waste of time, thats just cruel. What is the point of setting an exam that noone can do? surely it looks bad on the lecturer!?!?! Only 2 more to go now i suppose, hopefully i will at least be able to attempt the questions in the next 2! i need to try and get my mark up as much as possible! i wish it was saturday, then all i have to do is eat, sleep, and be merry! which normally means getting drunk and crashing out only to need to eat something in the morning so that i am at least half human! metric spaces seems to be calling me now so i think i will leave this entry here. Well its not literally calling me, i would be a bit scared if my book starting talking to me, that would be very weird indeed!

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