May 09, 2006

Frustrating day!

Went to the library and couldn't work very well at all, its the first time that has happened to me, kinda got me worried! I think the only constructive thing i really did today was my washing, and it did really need to be done!
But on a more frustrating note, when i decided to go home as i had had enough i went to my car in car park 7 and it must have been 10 minutes before i got out of the car park! I think there was something going on at uni today as there were a lot of people but i still can't understand why we were all just sat there in the car park. It wasn't the actual barrier as i got through it straight away. I wish i knew what had happened!

April 19, 2006

and they start again…

Just done my first exam, wasn't the greatest, but thankfully it was only a small module! tomorrow will be the tough day, 6 hours of exams! I think thats just cruel!
but at least they will be over, thankfully! Ooo I so want them to be over now!

April 07, 2006

traffic wardens

obviously writing this is a way of avoiding revision but most people do it as well!
I was disgusted today that whilst in chatham high street with my dad (yes i do realise it is the original home of the chav and it does haunt me everytime i go there but it is my local high street!) we got a car parking ticket. now i am all for it, people who don't pay for their tickets should get punished for it, but for being 3 minutes over the ticket time? that warden must have stood by our car and waited until he could put that ticket on my dad's car. Where has the slight bit of human understanding gone? 3 minutes is just ridiculous!

February 27, 2006

I nearly cried in my lecture today!

My ecology and conservation lecture today was all about the topic of fox hunting. Now we got to sit there and watch 2 lovely videos, one for fox hunting and one against. i just about coped with the one for fox hunting, you didn't get to see many dead animals. But the one for against was horrible! watching some poor animal be torn apart is not pleasant and i can honestly say i never want to see it again!

On a brighter note, lets all go to the quiz on sunday!

February 06, 2006

We didn't come last!

I have to say although i was not much use last night i did enjoy the rag quiz. I haven't been since the first year but it was pretty good! And we didn't come last, yay! (i have to say though my lack of american knowledge is shocking!)I think we came about 37th out of 57 and i think that was pretty good!
And now back to the ordinary day of lectures, i'm really not very excited about that at all!

January 09, 2006

My bitterness from friday has finally gone!

I have to say when i got to uni on friday morning for my 9am lecture i was very annoyed that the lecturer hadn't arrived by 9:20am so left as we all assumed he wasn't coming and all i could think was i could have had more time in bed, typical!
However he made up for it today by being completely honest with us as to why he didn't turn up. He set his alarm clock wrong. I couldn't help but laugh!

January 08, 2006

Start of a new term!

Last term of lectures, ever! how scary is that?!?! so many modules to choose from, i don't know which ones to take and which ones to drop!
But to add to that worry, our lounge is turning into a swimming pool. Don't get me wrong, i like swimming, i just don't want to go for a swim in our lounge! Something is leaking but we don't know where from and the mould from the carpet is now spreading further into the lounge. I'm thinking keeping our tv in the corner where the carpet is completely soaked is not the best plan, electrics don't mix well with water!!!!!
Our landlord is going to love us sooooo much!

November 21, 2005

I can't believe its week 9!!!

It is almost the end of term, i can't believe it! its gone by far too quickly! I got through my job interview to the second round tho, yay! although i'm not exactly looking forward to it on friday, 3 interviews in one day, it may actually kill me!
Other news, had an awesome time at time tunnel at the weekend, especially since i had spent the day at the bullring, always a good day out. My next door neighbour came too, so that was nice, she seemed to have a good time.
I was so excited on friday when my essay was finally handed in. It was such a relief! and so now i can go to hockey circle on wednesday! i'm quite excited, i've not been in so long!
I can't really think of anything else exciting thats happened in the last couple of weeks, i'm sure i'm missing a few details but thats about it!

November 06, 2005

It's been a while since i've made an entry!

Got back today from visiting my mate at Cambridge uni for his 21st. we had a really good time, saw some fireworks, went to a formal, an evening out based on grease, a funfair and lots of games played whilst drinking (which made them quite challenging!) I met quite a lot of people and an old mate from sixth form who i haven't seen since then so it was good to catch up. I am glad to be home now though, i just wish i could get rid of my cough which has now been around for over 4 weeks. A trip to the doctors tomorrow i think is in order! I'm seriously not looking forward to this weekend, i'll be working solid all weekend, it will indeed suck! i really hate essays! grr!

October 30, 2005

It didn't get much better!

Ok, so my week pretty much carried on how it started with a few problems with a certain someone from my past, which is where he is now going to stay! But we did win our first hockey game this week! yay! 7–1, it was such a good game to watch! obviously it meant getting drunk afterwards, which we did on the bus ride home as our bus driver decided to take the rather long scenic route! our captain couldn't get served at the service station we stopped in so thought it would be funny to steal the traffic cone from there, which then made an appearance at score! it was quite funny! Then we had our third team meal on thursday which was an awesome night out, well the bits i can remember were! i just wish i could remember more of it to set the record straight to a certain someone who will remain nameless. But it was great to get to know all the girls from the team better. Then i've just been working over the weekend and trying to get job applications done at the same time, not the easiest thing in the world!

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