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June 07, 2016

Reflecting – A change worth considering

Today made me really think about how important ‘blogging’ is to me. Actually, I am not a big fan of the concept of blogging, but the true hidden meaning behind it all is the process of self-assessment and reflection. And I have seen the true meaning and power of reflecting on what I have learnt, and how I can benefit from this learning in the future. But I can only do this if I have actually written it down. I noted to this effect that I regularly note down bits and bobs from time to time which I find useful and want to take home with me. But not in the true art of blogging. So what is truly stopping me?

Am I so lazy to navigate a few web pages in order to reach a designated blogging portal? Its not even that bad - its quite user friendly, and more attractive than other blogging portals I have come across in the past? No! This is not me, or so I keep telling myself. Maybe the bigger issue behind this is the resistance to change a particular way of thinking and doing things. This is only representative of the world out there, where people are so resistant to any changes to their ways of thinking and ways of lives. In an organisational context, this is the process of managing change. Having the right people in the right places in order to support change. People, just as I found myself, do not like to be changed. We don’t like doing things we are told to do, I strongly believe this is just human nature. As I was once told, and totally agree with, “The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things we are told not to do”.

Taking this theory further, our organisations will need to undergo some sort of change in order to become a ‘learning organisation’, or to instil a culture of knowledge: a culture where knowledge is easily generated and shared. But how hard do I expect this to be, if in this particular case, I couldn’t even change to do one simple small task, even though I have appreciated the true power of reflection. I used to see so many difficulties in creating an organisational culture where people are willing to share, perhaps it was for this very reason - the reluctance to change. I believe we have all been brought up in education systems which are highly competitive, the gradings, the marks, trophies and awards for best students. So how can it be expected that this does not transfer into the workplace?

The art of reflection, as I will now refer to it as, is a very simple way to share knowledge and experiences between colleagues. I am able to share my learnings, not only with myself for future reference, but also to friends and the rest of the world so they may perhaps take something away from what I have said, or spark another channel of thought to develop my understanding. I can only say that this is very useful, how exactly to encourage this, I am still to figure out…

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