May 09, 2012

Reinforce your knowledge

Today I’ve finally managed to visit Jaguar and Land Rover plant with other WMG students and the only opinion about this industrial visit is that it's totally AMAZING! We went through two assembly factories and I had an opportunity to see myself how all these luxury cars are being produced!

The reason I am writing about this experience in the KBAM section is because I realised during this visit that it is very important to reinforce your knowledge base with some practical observations/experiences. Today I was surprised how everything that I was studying during my modules on Supply Chain and Logistics Management just collected from small puzzle pieces into a one complete picture! All the theoretical knowledge about different supply chain tools, methodologies and philosophies that I was reading and hearing about appeared in front of me in a perfectly managed business model of Jaguar and Land Rover Company.

I think that people need to 'feed' their already existed knowledge and skills gathered throughout the theoretical courses/exercises with something practical related to it. Because it helps you to feel that you do not only know something about this or that theory but that you can also apply and manage your knowledge and it will become something really valuable and tangible in the end!

April 23, 2012

Realising the Potential

Hello everyone!

Because this is the first Blog in my life ever I would like to say that it was quite hard to force myself to start writing a post as it is a very unusual thing for me.

On the first lecture of KBAM last Monday I almost regretted that I took this module as an elective because I realised that the amount of work that must be done during these two weeks is incredible and that there is also dissertation and other PMAs that must be completed...the only questions that were circling in my mind were "How I am going to overcome all these obstacles??? How to manage the time properly???"

However, after we started working in our team I’ve changed my point of view regarding this situation and now I am really happy that I am getting the opportunity to study with students from MBE course. I see that the way of thinking and teaching on this course is quite innovative and unusual for me and it inspires me to learn more and share more. The main thing that I have started to realise while working on KBAM is that the effective management of knowledge is a key to success in every field whether it is studying, working or even private life. The best thing I am happy with is that KBAM teaches me how I can manage and apply all the knowledge and this huge amount of information that I've already gained through all the previous modules on my SCLM course.

Effective knowledge management allows to develop creative and strategic thinking and, thus, to increase productivity within any type of organisation. As I understood so far, the key main steps regarding effective knowledge management are to identify, collect, structure, share and apply valuable information that will not only add value to the whole company's performance and productivity but each individual will benefit from this process as well.

Finishing my first post I would like to take an opportunity to point out that I find blogging as a very effective and useful way of sharing knowledge because it allows you to critically look at things you are learning and to share your views with other people. At least this is what I've realised so far while writing my first blog! :)

P.S. I wish blogging was compulsory for all MSc students at WMG and I could use this tool of reflection starting from my first module in October.

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