October 31, 2010

Game of Excellence

I started my master degree in Management for Business Excellence in Warwick University with a lot of thoughts, questions, hopes, dreams in my mind. One of the questions that was the spark to start face this year as a big challenge was “Are there any excellent businesses?”. One query which leads me to create a concatenation of other questions...

The concatenation of my queries (not worries)!

Are there any excellent businesses? If yes, what we mean by saying excellent? Did these businesses achieve excellence in one specific process, department, product, service, operation, in the way that organization is managed, produces, creates, designs or as a whole system? What is included in the characterization excellent/excellence in the real business world? (How hopeful scenario to know that excellence can be occurred or at least that someone believes and aims in that as feasible and realistic target!). On the other hand, if there are not excellent businesses WHAT DO I STUDY? WHAT IS THIS MASTER DEGREE ABOUT? Why “Business Excellence” is created? Why businesses want to set targets which are not realistic and are impossible to be achieved?

! ! !

Initially, it would be helpful to distinguish in our minds the difference between perfect and excellent... Excellent is something, until something else is proved better. Taking for example Olympic champions, they are champions until someone else achieves better score, time etc. It could be considered that in business world, excellent are the best-in-class companies, real companies who achieved the best in one specific field. About my second question, if excellent businesses achieve excellence in all of their bandwidth or only in separate departments of their system, the answer is that even if companies would try for that, this is impossible to be achieved... In a world where there is no place for perfection, it is quite unsophisticated or gullible by an enterprise to aim in excellence in all of its aspects. Undoubtfully, is positive to set as target the ''moon'', because you know that if you don't achieve to arrive there, at least you had been in ''stars''. In this severe business environment, where competitiveness is so intense, constant efforts for improvements is the only right direction and the orientation that businesses should have in order to achieve sustainable excellence. Excellence is a journey, and as all the journeys our own target should be how can we enjoy it more. If we have passion for what we chose then we can't fail, unless we stop enjoy it! As mentioned in an article in Harvard Business Reviews, “business Language is full of expressions borrowed from military and sports. Unlike sports and military, business is about how well you play the game”. I would like to add in this that, unlike common business, excellent business is about how much you enjoy a well-played game!!!

According to all the above my master degree is not about short games, is about long games which I have to manage with the most enjoyable way, in order to learn how to create sustainable improvements for an organization which will be strong for decades.

With vision, inspiration, passion, integrity


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