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August 03, 2012

Hello From the New Online Writer

Writing about web page

Hello! I’m Francesca Tenenbaum, and I’m one of the new Online Writers for The Knowledge Centre. I’m a Warwick graduate, and read Modern Languages and Literature here a couple of years ago. Clearly, I loved campus life so much that I just couldn’t stay away.

My first week here may have just come to a close, but in a few days I have interviewed the deputy-manager of the IMF, Dr Nemat Shafik, Dr Saskia Sassen from the university of Columbia, learnt what polymer technology is, and begun to write about current University research into the uses of Cloud technology for local SMEs. Oh, and written about the Asian Financial Crisis. No big deal.

Even though I’ve worked as a writer for a few years already, working for the Knowledge Centre, at least if my first week is anything to go by, is going to be an incredible way to broaden my experience, and bridge the gap (for an old school Humanities student like me) between my own interests and all of the other incredible research that takes place here at Warwick.

I’m really looking forward to researching and writing features about my own areas of academic interest (in particular: anything Shakespeare-related or anything about Italian literature and culture) but also broadening my own insights into everything that is happening here at the University. And, of course, bringing that content to the Knowledge Centre’s readers.

Happy reading!

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