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January 07, 2013

We are back

Writing about web page

Updated: 8 January 2013

Rawson household sketch 1877 Champagne toast

Sketch from a diary entry on the 1 January 1877 showing the New Year's celebrations at the Rawson household at The Hollow near Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

Hopefully you’ve had a pleasant Christmas and New Year sojourn or at the very least a respite from the rigours of the rest of the year. If you’re now looking for informative entertainment that’s more highbrow than ‘That Dog Can Dance’ or less scary than the snowmen in the Doctor Who Christmas special, then the Knowledge Centre is happy to keep giving.

Both the Knowledge Centre and I have our own resolutions for the New Year as, over the next twelve months, we both aim to improve ourselves (although, in the case of the Knowledge Centre, this will be for your benefit and won’t involve a gym membership).

Like all good resolutions, The Knowledge Centre is looking at an evolution rather than a revolution. We will still continue to bring you insights and ideas from academics at the University (starting with Professor Mark Harrison’s discussing the cost of secrecy in the former USSR) and we will cover the major academic events, such as TedxWarwick and One World Week. Nevertheless, we’re looking to broaden our horizons (as well as yours) so we’ll introduce articles around the impacts Warwick, and its academics, make through world leading research, local and global responsibility, medical research and our work with business. While the Knowledge Centre adds these strings to its bow, I hope to teach myself British Sign Language (BSL), learn the guitar and pick up some more work-based skills through the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

During the brief periods when I’ll not be writing, studying or strumming away, I’ll hopefully get a chance to get involved in some of the following highlights I’ve added to my calendar.

It’s Oscar time! My money is on Argo for best picture at this year’s Academy Awards. January 20 is also World Religion Day and the following week sees the start of Warwick’s One World Week so there’ll be some interesting events going on around campus for us to report on for the Knowledge Centre.

Asteroid 9387 ‘Tweedledee’ will make its closest approach to Earth. There’s nothing overtly special about this apart from the asteroid’s cute name.

The 120th anniversary of Wilfred Owen’s birth is this month so a trip to his home town of Oswestry might be in order.

And that’s only the first quarter. What are your plans and hopes for the next year? Feel free to post comments below or tweet us @WarwicKnowledge about your own hopes and resolutions for 2013.

June 18, 2012

Careers Blog Supports Graduate Jobhunters

Writing about web page

Getting a job is top of the University’s current crop of finalists ‘to do’ list before they graduate this July. That’s where the Centre for Student Careers and Skills comes in, with its wealth of careers resources, guidance and workshops plus an online vacancy database.

It pays for students to research careers early on in their undergraduate studies. Exploring opportunities for volunteering and internships whilst at university is even more important for students right now as the UK is experiencing a double-dip recession. A recent Guardian article stated that more than a third of students started researching their career options in the first year of their course.

To enhance current resources and offer students topical online information and advice the Centre for Student Careers and Skills has launched a careers blog. Helen Stringer, Careers Service Manager and the blog’s editor, explains the thinking behind it:Blog key

“I launched The Careers Blog as I wanted to find another way of reaching students – not instead of core services, but to complement them. We have an information rich website but much of it is fairly static and there is limited scope to share news, features, information that could enhance students understanding of the graduate labour market, and how to enter/access it.

Students have limited time to scour all the news and information that is available, much less mediate what is/isn’t worthwhile, so I am hoping the blog may fill this void.”

The Graduate Market in 2012 report by High Fliers Research contains some good news for this year’s finalists. In 2012 the UK's leading employers expect to increase their graduate recruitment by 6.4 per cent. That number, however, is still six per cent below 2007’s figures, and an extra 50,000 students are expected to graduate in 2012 compared with 2007.

Whilst graduating into a recession-hit economy isn’t the ideal, graduates are still much better placed to find a job in the long term than those with lower skills. Another Guardian article points out that help from their University’s careers service is important, stating: “Student and graduate jobseekers should not get too perturbed by the news of recession. They will need to get all the help and support they can, visit university careers services, use advice sites, don't get disheartened, and above all, continue to apply for jobs. In the end, students will probably get a job in time, but the more resources they draw on, the quicker and easier that will be.”

The Centre for Student Careers and Skills aims to give Warwick graduates the edge in this competitive market. What’s planned for the careers blog in the future? Says Helen, “I want the blog to become an inclusive, dynamic space where students, recruiters and other careers staff discuss, debate and share topics of interest. I’ve already had guest posts from students and employers, and this lends both credibility and authenticity to the content.”

With topics including the benefits of work experience, digital footprints, cover letter essentials and the lowdown on finding a job within the EU, the blog covers both traditional and 21st-century issues for job hunters. Helen Stringer is inviting contributions from recruiters and students, so if you’ve got a job-hunting experience you can share then why not take part?

Penelope Jenkins, Online Writer.

July 05, 2011

Why Blog, Who Does It And How Do They Do It?

Are you interested in blogging? Would you like your blog to be personal or professional? Interactive, or simply a window to tell the world something? Do you have research you would like communicated to the academic community, or would you like a platform to reach students in interested in a specific subject? Blogging may be the perfect way to do this.

Knowledge Centre Deputy Editor, Amy Mcleod, is working with the Learning and Development Centre in offering a workshop entitled ‘Why Blog, Who Does It and How Do They Do It?’ The workshop will run twice this month. (Tuesday 12thand Thursday 21stJuly 2011) in the Teaching Grid within the University Library. Whatever your blogging experience or intentions, the session will offer an engaging, interesting and insightful closer look at blogging at this University.

It will look at:

  • The various reasons why people blog and the purpose of those blogs (using case studies from the university's bloggers).

  • Identifying the key challenges to blogging effectively

  • Guidance on how to overcome these challenges

The Knowledge Centre’s Amy Mcleod has set up a ‘Why Blog’ blog that will run alongside the sessions.

These sessions are currently a one off, so why not register now on the LDC website.

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