December 07, 2009


The dream came again last night, or rather memory hijacked my dream state and pushed itself to the foreground. It doesn't ambush me as often as it used to but it still calls round every month or so; and each time it does it plays out in pretty much the same way.

I'm lying on my back with my limbs bound and I'm looking up at a painfully bright blue sky. It takes up my whole view, curving round my eyes like an arch. I can hear voices muttering to my left and now and again a girl's voice as she giggles.

I try to wriggle free, even though I know after all these replays that it is impossible to get free. This attracts their attention. I tried not moving once, but it didn't help and in the end I had to make an effort to get free. It seems I can't escape this.

"He's awake." a voice calls out, off-hand, and a shadow falls over my blue sky.

I'm lifted up and see a pale face above me, taking up my entire view. He doesn't look at me though as he asks someone "You sure there's enough on him?"

"Yeah, it'll be fine. He's practically smothered by the stuff."

I begin to panic at this part because I know what's coming next.

The others gather in closer and begin to jeer and laugh. Their peach coloured faces are flushed and Amber looks like a peach on fire.

My ankles are held and I hang upside down. I'm now looking at the ground. Then I am spinning. There are flashes of blue, green, peach and grey before I am released and I feel myself flying, almost floating. There is a unique feeling of pure weightlessness and I know it is taking much longer than it should. I feel like I'm flying for hours. This should be nice, but I'm screaming the entire time because I know what will happen when I land. I know I will hit a solid board and that it will be like a brick wall. I know I will not stick to it as they hoped but bounce off and break most of my limbs and fracture my skull. And the others will laugh and the girls will scream with surprise...only Amber, my desired bitch angel, will call for help.

But this never happens, because just before the impact I always wake up and find myself in my room. Safe, but scarred.  

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