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February 07, 2009

Mundane Experience

These are the three different ways of writing about a mundane experience, not too sure if they work or not but thought I'd put them up anyway.

Internal Conflicts

The last thing I did before going to bed - well not exactly the last thing I did there were a few things in between such as brushing my teeth, getting a glass of water...getting changed for that matter and having a read - was to wash up my dishes - well actually I soaked them first and scraped them, oh, and there were glasses and cutlery too - which my flat mates had been asking - maybe "requesting is a better word - me to do for a few days - more like two - and I finally caved in to their demands - requests - and did it.


The fourth to last thing I did before going to bed, at 11:31pm, was to wash up my dishes, which consisted of two plates, a cup, a glass and a set of cutlery. My flat mates had been asking me to do at three separate occasions in the last 48 hours and 51 minutes. I used two table spoons of washing up liquid in the process and scrubbed them with a 0.2 sponge of the scourer quality.

"I mean"

God I am so put on by my flat mates, I mean, they made me wash up my dishes last night, I mean, come on they're my dishes, surely its my choice whether I not? I mean, some people are just so insensitive and demanding.

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