June 27, 2004

home sweet home

back in lovely ireland again. its strange how there is a whole other life over here that is so separate to life at warwick and yet they exist at the same time – deep thought! Nice to be back, although missing people already that I've left behind…

June 25, 2004

time to leave

well thats it all over. degree complete, house packed up, goodbyes said and now am just waiting for dad to arrive to start on the journey home. gonna be a bit of a long trek but should be home by about 8am tomorrow morning. been quite a good term, although am VERY glad its over! summer is about to start!

ps still having problems with publishing these blogs… error message says "ServletException in:/jsp/edit/entry/previewEntry.jsp] javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: An error occurred while evaluating custom action attribute "test" with value "${entry.answer}": Unable to find a value for "answer" in object of class "uk.ac.warwick.blog.model.entries.EntryImpl" using operator "." (null)'

June 22, 2004


its amazing how one thing can make everything seem better! strawberry cheesecake haagen-dazs ice cream seems to do that for me! its lovely! the ultimate icecream.


having problems getting these blogs to work at the moment – i keep getting error messagaes when i try to publish…hjmmm. sorry not written much last few days, had to spend a few days in hospital but home now and getting better.

June 17, 2004

new yeti game

Writing about web page http://www.yetisports.org/_beta_yetisports5

Also forgot to add that there is a new yeti game just released today – the next leg of the trip round the world, this one takes place in Africa with some flamingos involved. Not sure its the best one though, but have a go anyway!


well as promised, some details about my fast track round paris! spent 4 days there – 2 days in disney and 2 days in the city and it was great! Its such a lovely city – i definatley recommend it to everyone because it has so many beautiful places – sacre coeur. cruising down the Seine, the streets of Montmartre, Notre Dame and the Ile de cite…. Lots of sights were seen and photos taken! Also disney was great – and although it seemed quite busy, we didn't have to queue more than 10 minutes for anything which is lovely. Went on everything in the 2 parks so I can answer questions about anything!

Then the final fling last night. Also was a great night – food was surprisingly good and the funfair was fun – although I was glad I was not one of the poor people that got stuck for 30 minutes when one of the rides broke down! Ash were brilliant too – all in all lots of good times over the last week. Nice way to finish the university thing!

good times

well paris was amazing and the final fling was great! lots of good times. more details tomorrow…

June 11, 2004

bye bye england

packing complete, its nearly time to head off to france! just got to sleep and then leave! looking forward to some bagettes and croissants made by proper french people and a chance to "parler francais" again! oh and also to say hi to mickey and minnie and all that lot. i will be back soon with stories to tell I'm sure! au revoir et a bientot

another week over!

its another friday evening and anoother weekend is ahead of us! In about 15 hours I wil be off to lovely Paris so things are looking good! Spent all day in the Medical School again but it was quite fun. Was getting a bit bored of saying the same medical history after 180 times but it was worth doing i reckon! And Warwick hospitality really know how to provide good food when they want to! They had laid out lots of nice food every day for lunch, although I think it was more for the visiting doctors than for the students helping out! Off to start some packing now.

June 10, 2004

lunch time

On a lunch break now from my temp job. I have to say that I have met a lot of medical students over the last 2 days (about 90 so far) and I am very impressed with how professional they are already! I think in a couple of years Warwick will be producing some excellent doctors! They must be doing something right up here anyway. Bring on the weekend! Paris countdown – 2 days!! wahey!

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