July 19, 2004

We made it!

We did it! We finished the West Highland Way, all 95 miles of it! And to prove it, here is my West Highland Way photo gallery.

My legs have never ached so much, but the scenery was spectacular and every step was worth it. We met loads of great people, mainly our age(ish), so here's to the 'laughing ladies' who we could hear all along the way, David & Shona 'from Maine' who we started and finished with, Andrew 'Land's End to John O'Groats' and his 'lovely ladies' who we wish the best of luck, the 'jolly pirates', the 'three muskateers' and the 'camping girls'.

Thanks also to all the lovely B&Bs that we stayed in. We had the warmest welcome everywhere we went, even when we arrived really late and dripping wet. Betty, you make the best fruit cake!

I fully recommend walking poles to anyone considering a long walk. I wasn't sure at first, so I just bought a cheap pair, but I really think that I wouldn't have made it without them. They are great for:

  • powering up hills
  • keeping your balance on muddy/stoney ground
  • taking the impact when you are going down hill
  • keeping nettles & brambles out of the way
  • getting your stride into a rythm when your legs are so tired that they stop obeying orders from your brain

They are not so good when you've got one in each hand, your rucksack on your back and you fall over. Your arms are trapped and you end up doing a wierd version of an upside down beetle – only the other way around.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. A week of fresh air and exercise with not much else to think about is remarkably relaxing.

May the Drovers never change.

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  1. Steven Carpenter

    Well done! I am sorely tempted to give it a go – the scenery looks stunning. How much kit did you take with you? Those backpacks look pretty full!

    19 Jul 2004, 22:21

  2. Congrats. Great pictures too.

    20 Jul 2004, 08:57

  3. leslie gilmour


    Just wondering if you would link to my site http://www.walkinginscotland.org – let me know and I will add a link to my site to your site.

    26 Jan 2007, 08:43

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