April 01, 2005

The washable, squashable high chair

Writing about web page http://www.totseat.com/

Some of our friends invented this – the 'Totseat'. It's a portable high chair made out of funky material that can be strapped to any chair. It squashes into a small carry pouch and is practical and washable. I had a play with it and it gets a high usability score in my view – easy to set up, adjust, clip and pack away again.

For those of you with kids, the Totseat is available on-line at http://www.totseat.com for £26. It's also now on sale in John Lewis and has had a positive write up in the Guardian – way to go!

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  1. Julie Moreton

    Wow – I like the look of this. Looks much better than a high chair. I'm off to get myself a totseat tout de suite!

    01 Apr 2005, 11:43

  2. Not Rachel Jones by any chance? (She's in the CIPR Magazine too.)

    04 Apr 2005, 13:07

  3. Karen Mortimer

    Yes, I think so! We know her as Rachel Groves, but I'm thinking that she probably uses her maiden name in her professional capacity, which is Jones. Her and Mike (her husband) have a PR company and have just launched the totseat as one of their latest ventures.

    12 Apr 2005, 12:00

  4. Julie Moreton

    Have they got a patent on it yet? I was raving about this to all in the office and Natasha pointed out something almost identical in the Jo Jo Mama Bebe catalogue for £9.99. I'm not quite sure what the differences are but somehow the totseat looks better, although £9.99 is a much more attractive price! If it is an original idea, they need to take measures to protect it quickly.

    12 Apr 2005, 13:03

  5. Karen Mortimer

    I'm fairly sure that they'll have patented it. Yes, there are a lot of similar products on the market but they tried them and they felt that they all had shortcomings of one form or another, that's why they created totseat. It's a bit more adaptable than some of the other products:

    1. It has a cumberband so it works on chairs with a gap in the back.
    2. It's adjustable, so that it work on chair backs of different heights.
    3. It has a strong plastic clip at the back so there's no need to tie bits of material together.

    12 Apr 2005, 15:41

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