June 05, 2015


Having taken on the role of Curriculum Lead last year, the request came through from Standard Verification for a sample of work. I was perhaps a little too relaxed when it came to collating the work. This is the first time that I have completed a sampling and as my accademy lead was rarely on campus, I felt a little unsupported. The initial sample was unsatisfactory and the qualification blocked as a result. I felt that I had put in a lot of work to get the samples finished in time, we even had to make a change to curriculum delivery as the SV required a whole completed unit. Normally our curriculum is delivered in a holistic manner with all seven units being taught at the same time, so at the time, no one unit was finished.

Feeling very degected I wanted to get the second sample sent off with amended areas completed as soon as possible. I engaged the help of my mentor to check through the work this time (something I failed to do with the first sample). This, together with more support from my accedemy lead enabled a thorough checking of the work to be sent, something that I now realise I should have spent more time over previously. Thankfully the second sample was passed and the block released.

This has taught me the importance of support from peers and to not be afraid to ask for help in the future

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