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October 21, 2007

week 2

We had to take a dialogue based piece a classmate wrote and write it from another POV, so I did.  I really liked the piece I had to work with so I had ideas easily.    

I lay on the soft carpet in the sleeping, talking, bed in the middle of it cave. I have sandy coloured hair, and brown eyes and am about as tall as Food Giver’s thighs, though if I stand on my back legs I can reach the counter where there is food. The carpet is dark coloured and ooh is that food? Oh, no, it’s just a hairball. Snuff. My owner, (I call him Food Giver), and his mate, Say-rah, whom he has deep feelings for are talking in here. I know he feels deeply for her because he gets happier when she is around or nervous, I can smell it, and he puts his mouth on hers a lot so she must have food in there so I would like her too then if she gave me food.

Say-rah usually smells like not natural strong smelling stuff that prickles my nose and is a little bit like flowers. Also arfmmmn (a sweet smell), salty, and she likes going barefoot so that smells tasty. She usually has tough dark extra skins on her legs and has small white hands that are gentle when she pets me. I like being petted. Say-rah is kind and bears her teeth a lot, in a playful way. But her mouth is closed tight now and she looks like she has just seen a rabbit and is waiting for it to stop moving so she can pounce on it, quietly waiting, tensed for action. She is sitting on the bed. I like the bed. It is soft and humans sleep on it and I do too when they are not looking but then when I hear them come in the door, for I have excellent hearing, I jump off fast so they don’t know I have been a bad dog and been on the bed. And a cat thinks it is so sly, ha!
Oh, what is it now? The two humans are talking quietly but that does not mean that they are calm. There is agitation in the air, I can smell the nervousness and feel the tension. Say-rah said something and now it is quiet. Food Giver is standing up with a slightly sweaty smell coming from him and he is not happy. Maybe Say-rah said he is a bad dog. I get nervous like he is then, though he is not too upset at being a bad dog because he is not hiding like I do or putting his tail between his legs. I know he has no tail, but he lowers his head when he feels he has been bad. I have seen him with Say-rah that way before, like when she yells when they are shouting and mad in the talking box with clours, sofa, small, wooden, table, people gathering cave. It’s a good cave because the humans bring food in there and give me some crunchy salty flat food while they stare at the glowing colorful sound making box. And the sofa is almost as comfy as the bed. But I’m not supposed to go on that either. It isn’t a good place to be when there is yelling though because then it is loud and anger fills the room and things fly. 
Food Giver said something, but now it is quiet again. It is a tense quiet, like something needs to be said or done. Maybe the three of us can go outside on the grass and I chase the ball. That is fun. It would make Food Giver and Say-rah feel better because I like it. Run, run, chase, run, ooh I want to go outside now. This quiet is not good. Food Giver and Say-rah are upset. They are sure being quiet for a long time, and not moving or anything, except to shift around a bit. The carpet is soft. I want food. Food makes me happy and tastes good. But I do not get food until later usually. Food-Giver puts it in my bowl. That food is small round bits and is crunchy and hard to chew but still food. I like meat better, or those flat salty things, or the sweet, soft, easy to chew, with creamy bits food, or well, food in general. Now I’m drooling.
My ears perk up because Food Giver said one little sound. Now Say-rah is talking with anger and frustration in her voice, though sadness is there too. Food Giver talks back with a similar feeling. Sarah says a little more, the sounds come out fast like rippling water over stones. Food Giver and Say-rah talk a little more. Food-Giver says ‘no’ and more sounds. Then there is more silence. Hmm lots of silences. We need less silences and more food. The little square on the table hums a little and there is a swooshing sound, and a slam sound, but in the cave it is quiet. Huff. Say-rah is looking down, and Food-Giver just stares at her, his breathing even though he is not all the way calm. He is waiting. Say-rah says ‘no,’ quietly. More silence. The bird chirps far away. I hear footsteps on hard ground. There is dust under the bed. I still want food. It is quiet.

and as you can see, it is from teh POV of a dog :D  I love dogs.

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