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October 14, 2007

week one work

Here is the poem we did in class with the rules: *each line has to have a word from the SPAM poem, *each line must start with he, she, I, we, you or they except the last line *each line must have ten sylables.  The pronouns bit made me think of all those verb charts in my Italian courses so that is how I got the idea.  I didn't do so well with the sylable requirement since I don't know exactly how the Italian words fit for that.  I was trying to make fun of grammar since the sentence can have the correct verb but still make no sense.  The last line is purposely ungrammatical.

Conjugation Italian

I am, io sono, sitting on a couch.

You are, tu sei, such a big bass blowfish.

He is, lui è, so anharmonic.

She is, lei è, like a carcinogen.

You are, Lei è, with a real demigod.

We are, noi siamo, your destiny.

You guys are, voi siete, beyond it.

They are, loro sono, degumming gnomes.

Don’t conjugating just make you curdle?

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