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June 22, 2016

New Experience and Great Opportunity to Learn

The presentation for my final module has already passed, but this time it was quite different. This is the first module that I have to work with completely new friends, and presented to them. This new environment scared me a little bit during the first few days, but after getting used to it, it became a good lesson for me to learn from. Presentation day in particular is the most challenging part.

Usually public speaking is already not what I do best, but I was still able to handle it well in all other modules because people who I presented to is the friends that I’m familiar with, and it feel more comfortable to be able to think of this as ‘talking to friends’ rather than ‘presenting to the crowd.”

Unfortunately, for this module, I did not have a chance to get to know everyone yet, so that makes the presentation a little challenging. However, I am glad that I was given this opportunity to learn, because I know that there will come a time in the future where I will have to present to someone that I may not be familiar with. This is a good practice, and I feel grateful for having a good team where everyone support one another and make it through together. <3 :)

June 17, 2016

Importance of Knowledge Management

In the business world today where company relies more on data than ever before, knowledge management become increasingly important. With a good management of knowledge, the company are one step closer to success. Out of 15 benefits of knowledge management that are provided Stan Garfield, knowledge manager, these are the three most important ones in my opinion.

First, having a good knowledge management will allow the company to maker faster and better decision. When you are in a situation where you have to make strong decision, you need the right information at the time you need it. This will also help create more efficiency becauase the time for getting the relevent information will be reduced.

The second benefit is about reusing idea and expertise. This is also very important because it allows the good idea and helpful expertise to remain within the company without being forgotten. For example, if a great working process is created by one team, the company would not want that effective process to be gone if that team are to leave the company.

Last but not least is knowledge management allows the company to not make the same mistake twice. Because it enable people to share information and experience effectively, people willl get to learn about the failure case that has happened. As a consequence, people will not make the same mistake, in which lead the company to the successful outcome.

June 14, 2016

The Important of Situation Awareness

One of the things I learned today that really caught my interest and make me think further is how important the situation awareness can be. When I heard the module tutor said that one main reason for human error to occur is how people are not aware of what is going on around them, it enable me to relate this statement to my personal experience.

It happened not long ago when I was studying in a certain module of WMG. We were separated to work in groups, where each of the group member was assigned a different task to work on as a business simulation. My task was something really simple, but it does require a lot of concentration that I was not able to think of anything else at the moment. All I was aware of is the chaotic situation that occurs because my group is facing some problem and many of them were trying to solve it. However, I could not get myself involve to really know what the situation really is because of my position that does not allow me to stop working. As a result, all of the work that I've worked on became useless, because it does not go in the same direction with another person in the group. Together with him, we have to worked all over again just because we were too busy to aware of what is the situation that was going on. The lecture today remind me of that lesson, and enhance my understanding of how this is relevant to the chance of accidents and failures.

June 06, 2016

Working as a team

Although I've always knew that having a good teamwork is a key to success, but throughout this week of working together with my team, it has allow me to remind myself on how important this really is. Why is it important? It is simply because they can help increase productivity, performance, development of the skills, and know more about our own weaknesses and strenghts (Surrey, 2016)

Our team was able to coordinate with each other effectively because we all are happy to share with the team our own ideas, information, knowledges, and experiences. We are alll a good listener and we respected one another when any of us has something to say. Consesequently, this lead to a positive working environment that allow us to motivate ourself and create a better quality of work with much faster progress than we planned.

Moreover, even though I'm the only elective student that are new to everyone, but my teammates still give me as big support as they can. Small simple things like sharing me the information of what they learned in the previous class has created a huge impact that they might not realized, but it makes me feel much more comfortable to know that I'm a part of the team and are not left behind.

Reference: Surrey (2016), 'The Benifits of Group Work' [Online] Available at: [accessed 06/06/2016]

June 03, 2016

My First Blog as a Postgraduate Student

Not only this is my first time to ever do blogging before, but i also never know that there is a blogging system in the university athough this is already my last module. As a new experience for me, I believe this is truly a good opportunity for me to learn new things. In the future, I can also use this experience to help me conduct a better blogging for my business as an online marketing content strategy. Not only a good blogging can drive traffic to the company's website with a content that are relevant to the customers, but it can also create and maintain a good relationship with them if they can get to know more about your company or product through reading your blog.


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