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June 22, 2016

New Experience and Great Opportunity to Learn

The presentation for my final module has already passed, but this time it was quite different. This is the first module that I have to work with completely new friends, and presented to them. This new environment scared me a little bit during the first few days, but after getting used to it, it became a good lesson for me to learn from. Presentation day in particular is the most challenging part.

Usually public speaking is already not what I do best, but I was still able to handle it well in all other modules because people who I presented to is the friends that I’m familiar with, and it feel more comfortable to be able to think of this as ‘talking to friends’ rather than ‘presenting to the crowd.”

Unfortunately, for this module, I did not have a chance to get to know everyone yet, so that makes the presentation a little challenging. However, I am glad that I was given this opportunity to learn, because I know that there will come a time in the future where I will have to present to someone that I may not be familiar with. This is a good practice, and I feel grateful for having a good team where everyone support one another and make it through together. <3 :)

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