November 14, 2006

Workers continue to struggle

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Yet another case of workers on fair trade plantations being paid well below the minimum wage. Where is the money going?

Faking it

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Not only are fair trade workers not being paid minimum wage, the majority of the profit made from fair trade produce, or at least the price difference between regular and fair trade, is not making it’s way back to the country of production. So where is it going?
And shockingly, recent stats show that almost 1/3 of ‘fair trade’ products may be falsely certified.
Who is really benefitting?

Success stories

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The success of divine chocolate is largely due to the support of Oxfam, which stocks the chocolate in almost all of it’d branches. However, most attempts at fair trade are doomed to fail due to a lack of support. Most consumers admit thet normally shop according to price rather than ethics, so how stable is the future of fair trade?

October 21, 2006

Fair tade fashion – just a passing phase?

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If so much emphasis is being placed on products being fair trade or organic, and consumers are supposedly being more and more of these products, why is the biggest growth in retail reported to be in the clothing rages of superstores? The recent fair trade range in Dorothy Perkins barely sold, and many items ended up in the sales racks. Rather than buy fair trade ranges, would it not be easier, more effective and ultimately more beneficial to sponser a family in developing country? That way the children might have a future away from the plantations and the exploitation.

October 10, 2006

Fair trade – is it all it seems?

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If workers on fair trade plantations still recieve lower than the minimum wage, how can supermarkets justify charging so much extra for fair trade products? Who really benefits? And do consumers spend the extra because they believe they really are making a difference, or because it helps them sleep a little easier at night?

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