March 01, 2005

Weather decides whether to play

A potentially devastating week in the life of the WW9's was prevented by yours truly and my persuasive techniques. The titles still on, if we can win not only one match, but in fact, two in a rwo, given that we are able to challenge first place before the 2nd placed team if we win this week.

Hockey agm and elections tomorrow – looking forward, but fingers crossed…let's also hope it's not another 4-hour affair like last years'.

Well, 1 test down, 2 more to go and micro's getting worse by the hour, just wehn i thought it might be a chance to catch up from last time!


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  1. Niraj

    Newcastle to win 2–1 tomorrow. And we haven't forgotten the Saints-Spurs result yet either :-P

    13 Mar 2005, 01:13

  2. Niraj


    Who's your mate? He looks like JAR9.

    That's Jose Antonio Reyes, for those of you unfortunate enough to support Spurs.

    Am I the only one who posts here? Blogs should be daily, stop dallying damnit.

    13 Mar 2005, 01:23

  3. good JAR9 skills. good also expecting me to identify someone in a photo featuring almost 10 people!
    be specific in ur musings!

    14 Mar 2005, 13:39

  4. Niraj

    "almost 10 people"? There's 7, 2 of whose faces are partially obscured and 1 of whom is a girl and therefore cannot feasibly be compared to the appearance of JAR9. I'm chatting about the one in the middle.

    So, I predicted 2–1 and it was 1–0. All the same really, how many years since you last won the FA Cup? Your only comeback can relate to Arsenal's mischances in Europe, but when were Spurs last there, too? :-P Apparently it was a good game though and should have gone to a replay.


    14 Mar 2005, 19:24

  5. Er, actually, no. It shouldn't have gone to a replay. We should have won by a lot – we totally dominated them, especially in the second half.
    Anyway, the one in the middle is Aman, not that that really means anything to you. The girl comment was wrong – u have long hair and look like a girl.

    16 Mar 2005, 12:22

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