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May 04, 2009

Leadership and management of conflicts

In the seminar of how a leader can manage conflicts we analyzed his responsibility regarding the personal conflicts some if his/her team members might have. It requires a great deal of social intelligence from the leader to understand the importance of a conflict and know at what level he/she has to intervene in order to resolve it and secure the team's harmony. People especially in western societies prefer to have a team that works in harmony but what is the probablity of that when people from different backgrounds and usually different cultures have to work together.

In every job it is almost certain that you will have to work with someone that you don't like at all but how can you let aside these feelings and focus on the work only? Can a leader alone help you with that or it also depends on the team members involved or the situation? If a member does not want to cooperate should he/ she be excluded from the team and can a leader decide sth like that?

Leadership and coaching

During Day 6 that we had the coaching exercise, I realised how hard it is to coach someone. The hardest part is to elaborate the options to the person you are coaching. People tend to give advice and always think that what they have in mind is the best for the other person. Unfortunately, an effective coach should try to help the other realise alone his/her options and help in the evaluation without influencing.

But in the context of leadership the leader according to the definitions is supposed to influence the thoughts and actions of the followers. So is it possible for an effective leader to be able also to coach the members of his/her team or these are two different roles that one person cannot have the same time?

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