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April 21, 2009

Leadership and communication

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Clear, full and effective communication is critical for a team. The leader is responsible for communicating his vision to all the team members and clarify everything needed. In addition,  he/she should ensure and encourage that all the team members share their ideas but also listen to others'. Challenging the other people's views can only be achieved in an environment of good communication because only then can people combine effectively their ideas and improve the existing ones by commenting to what others say and have a proper discussion. Good communication can build brand new ideas because if the team members share their thoughts something new may come up that they never thought or was quite in the contrary of their initial approach. So, a good leader should encourage this kind of procedure and ensure that it takes place because the results can be very good. On the other hand, if effective communication is not achieved the team will probably experience many problems such as misunderstandings, different definitions of the team's objectives and no clear direction of what it is doing and why.This can lead to letting only a couple of members working and probably know what they do and the rest being confused and demotivated.

So, I believe that when I will have the opportunity to lead a team I will ensure that full and effective communication is achieved by encouraging everybody to share ideas and discuss upon them before making a decision. I will also try to communicate my vision as well as I can so everybody has a clear direction.

The attached website just gives some ideas upon the topic and refers to some of the problems in team communication.

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