February 08, 2008

The end of the Module

This module has been very inspiring for me, i have learnt alot, and i look forward to eagerly starting my PMW. Specially my new knowledge about variation and "tampering" with the process i find valuable. Also my new acqauintance with demings philosophy is something i believe gonna colour me as a business man in the future. His thought about the system as a whole and the fact that if you do improvement without profound knowledge you can actually be digging yourself deeper down the pit of problems. And i guess this relates to the theory of SPC aswell with common and special causes of variation.

Taguchi DOE

The next practical excercise was the DOE of the paper helicopters.  This again was a nice excercise. I think generally when we do these practical excercises we learn a lot because its so much more rewarding to actually do it compared to reading about the teqniques.

I have a big interest in Product development and design, and this is very relevant for this. I have some diffculties placeing the aestetichs in this system. It is in some products very important but its not that easy to measure and validate. But i gues if that was one of the factors, or many of the factors made the total aestetichs of the product. A scoring would also reflect this. This problem could be thought of in the same way as the application of six sigma in Service processes.

Week 2 is starting :)

After two sessions about running of the improvement process we started a simulation or a game of a process improvement.

This game was very very rewarding cause we got to run through a complete improventprocess with problem solving, measuring, implementation and assessment. Although some things had to be simplified compared to a normal business process this gave me a lot and prepared me for involvement in something similar in real business life.

Six Sigma and SoPk? Unifining or contradictive?

For me the second group assignment was a big challenge at the beginning, I had little knowledge about Six sigma and no knowledge of deming and SoPk, and in addition there was limited time. So we had to get up to speed fast on the subjects.

Although challenging, this assignment was very useful for me. I instantly became impressed by the SoPk and deming philosophy and during the following weeks i read both "Out of the crisis" and "The new economics" wich he has written. I have great faith in this as a ground business philosophy and expect this to influence and enrichen the way i reflect about a business from now on.

As far as the assignment i think we did a very good job given the time limit we had. We identified a lot of unifying elements and some major differences. The biggest difference may be that deming has more a philosophy and in a bigger scale focus on people and business culture, where six sigma is more of a specific tool.

Case Study Waveriders

Our case study was a challenge because there were new techniqes and theories, new people in the group and a new way of working for some of us with the forums.

I believe we had a good team working well and delivering a good result. We did a good analysis based on the given data.

Process Variation –An interesting way to look at it

I had previously just briefly known about SPC, the variation has been know to me but i have not seen it in this way. I like the fact that you can apply this theory of variation to every process. That we can establish controllimits wich seperates common and special causes of variation in a process. I have understood the danger of tampering with a process and correcting the wrong sources of variation.

Initial thoughts of the module

"Process improvements using Six Sigma"; Why did i chose this module as my elective? What do I expect to be the outcome?

I have some experience from TPM And TQM from my Undergraduate degree in Industrial/ Manufacturing Engineering, and I have a general interest for Process improvement and reenginering. I want to learn about Six sigma as a tool for Quality Improvement so that i have more teqhnices and philosophies to choose from when doing my work. In other words, I want a different view of process improvement from the ones i know.

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