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April 24, 2006

What I've been up to

I've not blogged for a while because I don't really feel like I've finished anything recently.

I've been jumping between quite a few different little projects recently and all seem to not get finished.

  1. Single change password screen: I've been working on a really nice new change password screen for SSO. It will change your Novell password if you're a main ITS user or it'll change your external user password if you're of that type. What's neat about it is the AJAX password strength meters. I'll link to this when it is finally done, it's very neat though :)
  2. Importing academic data into our WebGroups project. We have a system called WebGroups that lets people create arbitrary groups for use in permissions for things like Forums, Sitebuilder and soon BlogBuilder. This import will automatically have groups for departments, modules, courses, etc… Although we already have a system that does similar, this is a much nicer system but we are just waiting on the right data right now.
  3. Various other little bits and pieces that always get in the way, bug fixes here and there. I've done a bit of work recently on SiteBuilder2 (but not much), SSO, External Users System, BlogBuilder (fixing some code that has grown really ugly).
  4. Had a bit of disaster recovery to do recently too which was a bit scary because you never know if you can get things back for real until it actually happens. Thankfully we got everything back up and running pretty quickly…phew.

So, fairly busy. The frustrating thing is not being able to concentrate on one thing. It can be quite difficult to chop and change all the time, although that is probably party my fault :)

Hopefully I'll start looking at Shibboleth for Athens again soon as it looks like JISC and co. are getting themselves sorted out and the momentum seems to be building around the academic community for this again.

February 28, 2006

LDAP filters

I recently did a bit of work to make a nice little AJAX/DHTML user picker for SiteBuilder2. It is basically an in page popup that allows quick searching of Warwick users by first and last names to find their usercode. This is useful for helping people work out usercodes for permissions and properties pages and such.

One problem was that it was a touch slow, especially for very broad searches such as everyone with a first name starting with K and last name starting with S.

In LDAP terms, we were doing the following:

NamingEnumeration searchAnswer ="o=Warwick", "(&(givenName=K*)(sn=S*))", sctls);
This works just fine and always used to return around 300 users. However, we always had to check for any expired accounts after the results were returned. Because account expiry was not very well populated in the past, only a few out of those 300 would be filtered out. However, after the recent tidying up of the directory due to password resets there are now many many more disabled accounts in NDS (our directory), which is a good thing. Now we can do this:
NamingEnumeration searchAnswer ="o=Warwick", "(&(givenName=K*)(sn=S*)(!(logindisabled=*)))", sctls);
So only people matching the first name and last name searches who also do not have a logindisabled attribute. This now returns just 97 results and is around twice as fast meaning out user picker searches should be much faster from now on.

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