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March 01, 2006

Case Network Start

Writing about web page

I follow Jeremy Smith's blog quite closely as the IT people at CASE are quite similar to us at Warwick. They have got quite a lot of interesting systems such as blogs and wikis and SSO, etc…

Jeremy recently linked to their Start page which is a central page that provides links to services and aggregations from various services. It is basically a portal at the end of the day but a nice one :)

This is just the kind of thing we could/should have at Warwick as they have also obviously recently got into the whole new wave of Javascript/DHTML/Ajax as you can edit the layout of the portal with nice drag and drop effects. Of course how you edit these things is not what's important.

What is important is that we now have enough content from many different sources at Warwick that we can start making these kind of portal pages useful. When my.insite first appeared we just didn't have the content to make it much more than a useful entry point for file storage and email. We now have lots and lots of great services and content that ITS and others have built over the last 2 or 3 years. I don't think my.insite is the right place for these services, but there has to be an easier way to help our users find all this great stuff than just trawling through the quite boring and text heavy ITS website.

When we did the publicty for Warwick Blogs we got the word out really well, but there is no really easy way for staff and students to get information about all of our services in a similar way. Of course we can't do big publicity campaigns for everything, but we could do just one more big push for a great central aggregator and link page (we could call that a portal I guess).

February 21, 2006

CIPR Midlands PRide Awards 2005/6

Writing about web page

Seeing as no one else has got around to mentioning it, I may as well…

The Warwick Blogs marketing campaign won two awards at the CIPR Midlands PRide Awards 2005/6 on Friday night. Not having my camera, I can't show you any pictures of the Warwick bunch in all their black tie and gown glory, but here are a few thumbnails photos from the official photographer.

Use of Photography, Design or New Media

  • Gold – Warwick University, Warwick Blogs
  • Silver – The Bright Consultancy, Cable Guy
  • Finalist – Derbyshire County Council, “Face of B-Line” Bus
  • Finalist – Neon Communications, Ten4 Magazine
  • Finalist – Seal Communications, Well Constructed!

In House Campaign

  • Gold – University of Warwick, Launching the University of Warwick in London
  • Silver – University of Warwick, Warwick Blogs Silver

The great one to win was the "Use of Photography, Design or New Media" because it was up against quite a few people (rather than just other stuff from Warwick), including some proper PR consultancies. So, congrats especially to Hannah and Karen for all their hard work and great design skills. Hopefully John, Casey or Karen will put up some proper photos soon.

PR and marketing is not something that generally gets done well in a university environment, especially for IT projects. All too often departments will work hard on projects only for them to fall short of their potential through bad PR, marketing and advertising. The challenge for the future is to keep up the profile of the services that ITS offer so that our users know about all the great stuff we can provide them.

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