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October 05, 2004

Odeon…what are we going to do with you?

Writing about web page

As any cinema loving Mozilla/Firefox user knows, Odeon have had a horrible, horrible website for years.

Matthew Somerville created a nice accessible Odeon website for them a while back, but instead of taking his free advice or hiring the man, they did the good old Cease and Desist!! tactic instead.

So, after all this time, they have finally changed their website. And what have they done? Created a lovely new accessible CSS based website? Of course not. They have put a couple of links on their front page to cinema listings in HUGE FONTS! Wow, I bet they really pushed their development budget on that one :(

It's really not that hard to create good accessible cross-browser websites any more. At E-Lab, we strive to create good clean markup controlled by decent CSS. Yes, sometimes we get it a bit wrong, but we can tweak our CSS whenever we feel like it, Odeon are taking years to get round to sorted their website out.

By the way, if anyone spots and mistakes or problems with the layout/colours of any of the blog styles, let us know at the feedback forum

October 04, 2004

Memories…light the corners of my mind

So, another new academic year begins. Locked away over at Westwood, you can barely tell. Yeah, it takes twice as long to get in, yes, you can't get parked, yes there are a bunch more (very young looking) people walking around Westwood…so the signs are there. But what really got me was going and having a drink in Xanana's on Friday after work and seeing main campus being absolutely packed.

Wandering through the Union really brought the memories flooding back and made me wish I was a student again.

4 years after graduating (just) and going into the start of my eighth year at Warwick, I don't have any regrets (except that whole only just scraping through my degree thing) about my time at Uni. I had fun, did the silly drunk thing (a lot), made lots of friends (and then watched them all bugger off to jobs all around the country/world), did sport and societies (President of RAG for a year), and most importantly met my girlfriend (5 years ago!! Scary!). However…and there always is a "but" in these things…I don't think I did enough.

So, for any of you freshers who happen to read this, enjoy the next 3 years of your life. They are going to be amazing. Warwick is a great place that will change you for the better (usually). Make as many friends as you can, join as many societies and sports clubs as you can, leave campus to explore as often as possible, don't sweat if you miss a lecture (just not too many) and drink, but not so much that you don't remember the next 3 years, you'll want to keep those memories intact.

Of course when I really thought about it, I realised that I didn't really want to be a student again, what I wanted was the freedom and the lie-ins. I think if I actually did it again, I'd probably hate it, I'm too boring now :)
I like having some money for once. I like having my own nice house in middle-class suburbia. I like having a nice car. I don't like dancing any more. I like my job (have to say that!). And of course I like having a gorgeous fiancee. All good stuff, and mostly stuff that you just don't get as a student…hey, when you're 26 (or when you were 26), I bet you will/did feel like this…all reminiscent.

Sooooooo…what is the point to this entry? I don't know, I guess I just had to get it off my chest.

And here is another BUT. If I did do it again, I think I'd study Psychology or Law. I'd probably be rubbish at both but at least it would be something different. I wonder how many people would go back and change their degree if they could? Hands up, answers on a postcard.

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