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June 30, 2004

CSS drop down menu

Writing about web page

Suckerfish drop down menus are a really good css (and a tiny tiny bit of javascript) drop down menu system. In the next deploy the create menu in blogbuilder will be exposed under a drop down menu to accommodate our growing list of options.

Having tried lots of menu systems in the past, this is by far the easiest and most valid/compatible. It makes very clever use of the :hover pseudo-class, quickly turning a ul/li list into a lovely menu.

June 29, 2004

Moving house

Well, we finally moved house! After 4 months of waiting and putting up with stupid solicitors, we finally got there.

Eric Delo Removals were brilliant, they really made the move easy. Steph and I sat in the garden in the sunshine whilst they filled up their huge van, making just about as painless as you can get. By 2pm we were in our new house in Eastern Green. Yay!

Photo's here

We've got lots of work to do still, but we knew that so it's not too scarey. Jobs done so far:

  1. Decorated fully bedroom 2, stripped wallpaper, painted, re-wallpapered
  2. Put up 2 lots of lights
  3. Put up 3 lots of curtains
  4. Put down a wooden floor in the hallway (replacing a horrible brown carpet)
  5. Painted the conservatory
  6. Hung 2 new doors downstairs (1 to go)
  7. Stripped bedroom 1 (wallpapering over the next 2 days)
  8. Done very little actual unpacking :)

Money spent….I dread to think. Oh well.

June 18, 2004

Improvement ideas

Had a meeting with James Sherratt, one of our test student bloggers yesterday. He's already given some good feedback in entries on his blog, but we came up with some more ideas yesterday.

  • Tip of the day to help new users discover features
  • Improved aggregation, making it far more personal
  • Let users choose interests which would be published on their about me page and help the aggregation show more of what they are interested in
  • Encourage people to categorise their entries more (not sure how)
  • Emphasise the community aspects of blogging. Could be done through course/residences aggregations
  • Improved privacy, make it more obvious that things can be restricted to prevent Google from embarrassing you!

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, I'll have to add to this as I remember.

All in all very useful to get a real student users perspective on things.

June 17, 2004

The stresses and strains of England matches

Why do we put ourselves through it all? Why oh why?

I think the entire country (or at least those stupid enough to think it would work) left work at 4:30 today to try and get home a little bit early to see the England game. Only problem being the countries roads are not designed for the entire country to use at the same time.

My 11 mile journey home, usually a 30/40 minute slog in rush hour turned into a 1h10m nightmare!! 11 miles!!

Mind you, my journey was interupted with a bit of excitment. Someone pulled out in front of me from the right without even looking, thank god no one was coming. He then proceeded to race down the tiny stretch of road that was vaguely clear of traffic and ploughed though a red light, cutting up traffic as he went. Much to everyone's pleasure, the next car waiting at the lights that he cut up and failed to spot…a Volvo T5 motorway police patrol car :) hehehehehe. Amazingly the guy tried to run! Suffice to say he didn't get away. That made the journey so much more bearable.

So, having annoyed my better half with listening to the first half of the game on 5 live, I finally got home to watch the second half.

And after the stresses of the journey home, was it worth it…maybe, maybe not…I am coming to see why some people just don't care about the football. We are really not that good are we?

The 3 – 0 score line was not really deserved, but hey, I'll gladly take it.

U2 – The Best of 1990 – 2000

4 out of 5 stars

I'm a big U2 fan, and having bought the 1980 – 1990 album a few years ago, I couldn't resist the 1990 – 2000 album when it came out a while back.

It's a 2 disc album with great classic tracks such as One, Stay, Beautiful Day and Your Blue Room, but also lots of tracks I'd never heard and some great remixes.

Highlights for me are the Discotheque remix, Numb and the slow chilled North and South of the River.

Great stuff!

June 14, 2004

Not so grouchy

Follow-up to If I'm grouchy today, this is why from Kieran's blog

  1. Water leak now fixed, water board came around within 3 hours and replaced the water meter….good service, wow!
  2. Driven the car some more…still no sign of damage
  3. Cheered myself up with a BK Whopper meal at lunch :)
  4. England still lost :(
  5. Might be moving a week tomorrow!

If I'm grouchy today, this is why

If you bump into me today and I'm not all that friendly, here are my excuses:

  1. Had a water leak in the kitchen on Sunday morning, so 24 hours without water until the water board fix it today
  2. Got forced off the road and over a huge roundabout this morning by a lorry…no visible damage to the car, but who knows
  3. Didn't have breakfast this morning, nor a shower (see reason 1)
  4. England lost
  5. Still not in my new house

June 12, 2004

Paycheck review

Writing about web page

Ben Affleck plays Michael Jennings a reverse engineer who invents something for a huge corporation, but doesn't know what because they wipe his memory. The story follows him trying to find out what it was he's invented and trying to remember his past.

Directed by John Woo, the action is great, typical car/motorbike chases, fight scenes and gun-play all done very well. The movie is set in the near future, bringing a good mix of neat little future ideas, but without dragging it into being a pure sci-fi movie.

However, no matter how much you can sit back and just enjoy the action, you can't help but feel you've seen it before. The screenplay is by Phillip Dick who also did Minority Report, Blade Runner and Total Recall, and you can tell. With little bits stolen from each of those movies, it doesn't feel like you're watching anythign particularly new.


June 11, 2004

uThink progress

Follow-up to uThink progress from Kieran's blog

Just doing my regular uThink progress checkup and comparing their progress to ours.


2 weeks ago:

  • Total number of blogs: 256
  • Blog authors: 286
  • Blog entries: 1095
  • Comments to all blogs: 375


  • Total number of blogs: 298
  • Blog authors: 320
  • Blog entries: 1485 – 5 per blog
  • Comments to all blogs: 493

Per day:

  • New entries: 28
  • New comments:8


2 weeks ago:

  • Blogs: 45
  • Authors:45
  • Entries: 431
  • Comments: 287


  • Blogs: 53
  • Authors: 53
  • Entries: 687 – 13 per blog
  • Comments: 709

Per day:

  • New entries: 18
  • New comments:30

Again, it can clearly be seen that although they have a larger system with more blogs, on a blog for blog basis, we are far far more active.

June 10, 2004

Division One becomes The Championship

Writing about web page

Oh you gotta be kidding! The whole fad of changing company names and images to express a new philosophy or whatever it is they want to sell themselves just won't go away.

How could they call it that. I mean, what's next?

  • Division One -> The Premiership
  • Division Two -> Division One -> The Championship
  • Division Three -> Division One? -> MegaSuperLeague1
  • Division Four -> Division Two? -> TopTopSuperSoccer?!


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