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April 30, 2005

Better kitchen days

Follow-up to Bad news from Kieran's blog

Well, after the disappointment of Thursday, we've had a better couple of days.

We've got all of the units built now (if not yet in the kitchen) and the first layer of paint on the ceiling and walls. Of course I'd rather be out in the sunshine as the lazy dog Maggie has been :(

Next couple of days:

  • More painting
  • Finishing and fixing units
  • Laying floor
  • Skirting board

April 28, 2005

Bad news

Follow-up to Plastering and kitchen units arriving from Kieran's blog

Not the best day today unfortunately :(

Plastering went just fine and is looking really great…however…building regs was not so good.

We had been lead to believe by our architect that if we left in the external door from the kitchen to the back of the garage, we would not have to stick to the strict building regulations that we'd have to if we'd knocked the wall out into the garage. So, based on that we went ahead and planned for the utility room. Unfortunately that was not the case. The building regs guy came in and said that recently the laws have changed and even though it is not really part of the house, if you intend to turn the back of the garage into a utility room, then it does then become part of the house and has to meet the same level of building regulations as any other part of a house.

So, what does this mean for our plans? Well, we could either continue and build the full blown utility room in the garage for literally £1000's, or we could say 'screw it'. Looks like we're going to go for option 2. We can still put our washing machine/dryer/fridge out in the garage, but we can't put in a new partition wall, plasterboard up the walls, raise the floor and put in the new ceiling. *Sigh*

That's life though. Lesson of the day: Always get a second opinion. Always

Kitchen goes ahead as usual though! We're starting to put units in now and they're looking really nice, so that's cheered me up a bit :)

Tomorrow for once I've actually not got any workers in, so it's just me and the flat pack…bring it on!

April 27, 2005

Plastering and kitchen units arriving

Follow-up to The plumbers turn in the kitchen from Kieran's blog

Busy day today. The plumbers came back and finished off the last of the plumbing into the utility room. The plasterer also came in and almost finished the kitchen, but because of the state of those damn walls, he'll have to finish off tomorrow…oh well.

All the kitchen units and appliances arrived today as well. I had no idea there were going to be that many boxes though! Waaaayyy too many.

Steph and I got started on building a few of the smallest units…6 down, 8 to go.


  • Plastering finished off
  • More garage/utility room electrics.
  • Building regs inspector :(
  • Lots and lots of flat pack building!

Scott Wilson designs for an eLearning aggregator

Writing about web page

Scott Wilson has published screen shots and ideas for an eLearning Aggregator tool. There are some really nice ideas in there. He's mainly imagined using tools to pull in RSS feeds and info from 43 things, Learn Direct and blogs.

Just go look at the screenshots…

April 26, 2005

The plumbers turn in the kitchen

Follow-up to Electrics are in from Kieran's blog

I felt lazy again today, spending most of the time twiddling my thumbs whilst the plumbers removed the old boiler and put in the brand spanking new one in the garage, thus freeing up space in the corner of the kitchen.

They'll finish off the new plumbing in the back of the garage for the utility room tomorrow morning. I'm a bit disappointed they didn't finish today though :(

Joy was also to be had with the extra £200 I had to pay out for the building regs checks *sigh*

Big day tomorrow though.

  • Plumbers finishing off new pipe work
  • Plasterer plastering the kitchen
  • New kitchen units and appliances arrives!

April 25, 2005

Electrics are in

Follow-up to Sunday kitchen hell from Kieran's blog

Today was the electricians turn in the house. They spent 7.5 hours putting in a surprising amount of new wiring. I kept remembering little extras I wanted doing whilst they were here, a new socket here and a new lighting circuit there.

The come in for second fix next week once we're all plastered up and they'll finish off this list:

  • 6 new double sockets in the garage/utility room
  • 2 new lights in the garage/utility room
  • 4 new sockets in the kitchen
  • 1 new oven circuit
  • 1 new socket upstairs
  • New modern consumer unit

Maggie went mental today with all the drilling and chasing out of walls with demolition hammer drills! Poor Maggie.

April 24, 2005

Sunday kitchen hell

Follow-up to Another hard days work in the kitchen from Kieran's blog

It doesn't actually look like we got much done today, but it's been bloody hard work. The guy came and took away our old kitchen units so they are all nice clear.

Barry came over to help out today and helped Steph and I with the nasty job of sanding down the ceiling after those horrible polystyrene tiles came off, and getting rid of the much harder tile adhesive that was left over. Our arms and shoulders are just dead! I just can't believe our skip is almost full already!

All that's left in now is the boiler which is being replaced and moved into the garage on Tuesday.

Electrician tomorrow, plumber Tuesday and plasterer on Wednesday.

April 23, 2005

Another hard days work in the kitchen

Follow-up to More kitchen work from Kieran's blog

Today has been hard work. We spent most of the day taking off the last of those horrible tiles and removing the last of the old kitchen units.

A great local plumber came around and removed our oven and hob and capped off the gas for us for a measily £25! Bargin.

The room is now more or less gutted except for the sink which we're trying to keep in as long as possible.

We found some fairly horrendous wiring and plastering behind the units, but it's looking fairly good now.

April 21, 2005

More kitchen work

Follow-up to Kitchen renovation has begun! from Kieran's blog

Another night of kitchen work. Tonight more wall tiles came off and the horrible polystyrene ceiling tiles came off too. We also got the wall units and extractor off from the left hand wall.

April 19, 2005

Kitchen renovation has begun!

Writing about web page

So, after thinking about it for months and months, we've finally got around to really getting started on our kitchen renovation project.

As usual with these things, I'll be keeping a photo diary of my progress so that I can look back and see just what I've done. It's been really nice looking back over my bathroom renovation pictures to see just how far we've come on this house.

The rip out has begun and should be finished by Sunday ready for the electrician on Monday, plumber on Tuesday and new kitchen arriving on Wednesday for fitting in the days after that.

It's a bit scary doing a big job like this, with turning the back of the garage into a utility room and refitting the kitchen, it is a job about twice the size of the bathroom job I did back in the summer. I'm in deep trouble with Steph if I bodge it :)

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