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May 19, 2006


Writing about web page http://www.notpron.com

The self proclaimed 'hardest riddle on the internet'. Over 139 fiendisly difficult levels of a crazy internet based game where the object is to progress from one level to the next by solving the riddle hidden somewhere in each page.

The levels are represented on screen by an image with a small number in the top left representing the level you are currently on. using only your wits you must find the next screen by whatever means possible (outside of using internet spoilers).

So far it has me foxed already on level 8 (and I had help from my housemates). Be warned however that it may consume your life so if you really want to do that revision its probably best not to click.

On the other hand it may be just the stimulus you need to get that thinking engine back on track.

Swings and roundabouts.

May 02, 2006


This place used to be quite different.

For a period, this blog enjoyed regular updates largely written through the self–created character I can only describe after his own catch phrase as Awesome Dan. Awesome Dan was a fascinating mouthpiece through which to express my feelings of the time allowing a laregly carefree dedication to mockery, parody and morally ambivolent praise of the unique. The character evolved as a reaction against the media and circumstances around me at the time filtered through an intensive study of nietzschean teachings that I was engaged in at the time.

Largely deliberately, the character blurred reality around my true personality (I am naturally shy)which gave me freedom to vent my own feelings with the character as a sheild. After finding some measure of popularity Awesome Dan even ventured out from behind the monitor screen for public events and went as far as participating in an election. A fantastic opening gambit in awkward social situations is to have people already think that they know you and believe you to be a fun and interesting person. Awesome Dan allowed me this kind of self–creation which began to filter from the virtual space to the real. Like all characters that people create, Awesome Dan contains a part of me, and I think it is a part of me that has come further to the front in my life since

That is some background for those not otherwise acustomed to the way things used to proceed around here. Anyway, during and since that time I began recieving a small trickle of odd fanmail from people who connected with the character and I began collating that into folder to blog later when enough time had passed to allow distance on the whole proceeding.

So here it is with some commentary:

Notice one cannot put forth relativism without using absolutes?! While life is certainly grey and a thoughtful person does not make snap judgments, thinking involves the hard and sensitive work of unscrambling the black from the white and revising one's position if new information is presented. (moral objectivism, not absolutism)
However, the institutions that many made great sacrifices to reach, at one point existed to feed and free the mind not indoctirnate the once opem minded and conscientious into hard left dogma–of which the relativism of major universities is the greatest blow hard. In a zero sum game, critical thinking has become conflated with mean spirited bad manners. Now confused with therapy, discussion is merely a pointless exploration of one's feelings (which unlike thoughts can fluctuate with your blood sugar and are the least likely to be truest to ones self–that's O.K. because as with cultic induction, so much of this indoctrination is about permanently beating down the individual.) or solipsistic emotional mastrubation. Meanwhile the ironies and hypocrasies of political correctness rear their entitled little heads as those who are appointed authenticly wronged are granted an unlimited stage for badgering and branding their views upon others.

Posted as a comment on one of my more thoughtful entries. It arrived in my inbox at some time later and wins the award for the jump out phrase 'solipsistic emotional masturbation'. Like some kind of drug induced rant by an angry philosophic ponce, I couldn't determine the connection with what I had originally wrote nor really comprehend what exactly the author was trying to express. Barmy.

Johnny Depp is so hot i would say he is even more hotter than Orlando Bloom.I would say that in the faces od Orlando Bloom lovers,thats how hot i think Johnny is.I even feel sad when people say they hate Johnny Depp i feel like Im alone at that time or i feel like crawling into my bathroom in the corner with the lights off!!!if ur reading this johnny im me my screennames r (deleted) and (deleted),or e–mail me at (deleted) please read this!!!I LOVE U JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It starts out normal enough. Johnny Depp, lovely chap yes, yes. Then it becomes slightly aggressive, before taking a sharp and sudden turn into the seriously disturbing. Johnny Depp (clearly a regular reader), I urge you, never encounter this woman. Just don't.

i dont know how i stumbled here–oh yeah the dumping thing–soo not useful btw!but the internet real life cross over–yeah it was really funny, anyway i'm a bored student and you looked hot–so its kinda fun if u ever reply(bet your psycho alert is goin crazy since i said that)anyways you're hot and funny–so enjoy the compliment!

Ha, this one I must have saved just to boost my ego. No, actually I think it was the 'psycho alert' line that actually made me somehow convinced that this fan knew something I didn't. Why would my psycho alert be going crazy? Plus, I'm kind of a grammer and spelling traditionalist and prefer my email seduction attempts coy–er? Is that a word. Likely it was just the novelty of anyone emailing me to tell me I was hot. Pure ego boostage and definitely weird.

Please let me know if this is Big Flake that raps and hip hops. I have a story for you that if interested you could make into a song. I'm not looking for money. A mothers broken heart.

Now this one is truly out of left field. Can someone really 'hip hops'. Why 'A mothers broken heart'. There could be something going on here that runs deep but its in completely the wrong place, and completely obviously so after even a moments glance at this blog. Bizarre.

u seem like a very intersting person and no my job is not a hooker im a student at bournemouth uni and im french , just starting to get used to the english lifestyle.u should come down to bournemouth and meet up with me, we'll take acid and u can get inspired for comics and we'll watch salad fingers…

Acid?! Also, for future reference, starting an email with 'no my job is not a hooker' as if it is tacitly assumed that most of my regular emails are all from hookers. Still Salad Fingers so some good taste there – makes me wonder what me and a weekend high on acid in Bournmouth would possibly produce in the realm of readable comics.


Yay, for aggressive bigamy!

Thanks for indulging this trip inside my head.

May 01, 2006

Transhumanism and its impact

Writing about web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumanism

Perhaps its just the range of readings I've been sampling lately, or perhaps my addled brain is drawing connecting lines where there are none, but I'm suddenly seeing the dawning rays of a transhumanist future.

I feel oddly unprepared, transhumanism is not a topic I ever discovered in academia and indeed seems to be a movement that often takes science fiction as a key explanatory reference. Yet I feel that given my degree title its something I should have covered in more substantial depth somwhere along the lines. I'm not sure I even need to be prepared, I feel a need for some kind of action but I'm unsure how such action might even begin.

Transhumanism – transcending the current human condition. Something rightly feared by many established religions. Especially if it can promise immortality. Its an awe and maybe fear inspiring concept that the 'I' may not be fixed. One may be able to overcome ones physical limits in very direct ways, replace and improve whole limbs, run faster, jump higher and lift more. How can religions continue to hold sway over a transhumanity? Forget your abortion debates, this will be the ultimate showdown between 'science' and 'religion'. The questions just keep piling up. Can an immortal life itself even continue to hold onto meaning? Why do anything now if you have eternity in which to do it?

How will law and order keep pace with a cybernetically enhanced criminal underworld? Even if the technologies are outlawed for general use the criminals will eventually get their hands on black market technology. Will an arms race ensue as real life robo cops grapple with nano–enhanced super criminals? Will the advent of a Universal constructor destroy crime completely by eliminating wealth disparities? Or will new ways be found to mainitain a social wealth heirarchy.

Will our corrupt politicians eventually be overthrown not by the people but by a benevolent omnipotent singularity A.I. ? Will transhumans instead become trans–soldiers fighting the battles of the future in more destructive and insane ways than before?

The questions of science fiction are gradually becoming the issues of scientific fact. Its happening right in front of us and faster than most of us expect. Everyday the news draws us closer to the transhumanist future, described by Francis Fukuyama as the most dangerous idea in the world today. Choose your side wisely as this one could be brutal:

The new species, or "posthuman," will likely view the old "normal" humans as inferior, even savages, and fit for slavery or slaughter. The normals, on the other hand, may see the posthumans as a threat and if they can, may engage in a preemptive strike by killing the posthumans before they themselves are killed or enslaved by them. It is ultimately this predictable potential for genocide that makes species–altering experiments potential weapons of mass destruction, and makes the unaccountable genetic engineer a potential bioterrorist

quoted from bioethicists George Annas, Lori Andrews, and Rosario Isasi

March 05, 2006

Should equality be valued as the highest ideal?

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

That every will must consider every other will its equal—would be a principle hostile to life, an agent of the dissolution and destruction of man, an attempt to assassinate the future of man, a sign of weariness, a secret path to nothingness

Casting my eye over the blogs as is my now occasional dirty pleasure I stumbled upon a whole closet full of articles about feminism and abortion. As I read the entry above by Alex and the intensity of the comments following in favour of equality; I couldn't help but be put in mind of Nietzsche. Fairly unsuprising as he is my personal favourite philosopher, but in this case his thoughts are particularly interesting.

Nietzsche detested communism precisely because of its emphasis on equlity as the highest ideal, he believed that to force everyone to become equal would crush individuality and destroy that which is essential for greatness and excellence in all fields – namely difference. His argument runs roughly that the great artists, the great musicians, great statesmen; the heros in every field are known as heros because they were outstanding people. In other words they were not equal, they were not the same, they were, to use a loaded vocabulary, superior.

While I'm not going to go into a complete rehash of Nietzsches analysis of morality and ideals it will suffice to understand that Nietzsche outlines two types – Slave and Master. From wikipedia (a lazy source I know):

Slave morality begins in a ressentiment that turns creative and gives birth to values. (Ressentiment was a term coined by Nietzsche to describe the feeling of the weak, unhealthy and ugly towards those who have fared better in life.) The slave regards the virtues of beauty, power, strength and wealth as 'evil' in an act of revenge against those who have them in abundance. (On the Genealogy of Morals, First Essay, Section 10) Slave morality is therefore a reactionary morality because 'good' does not spring creatively from the individual but develops as a negation of the values of the powerful. The noble person conceives of goodness first and later determines what is 'bad' while the slave conceives of 'evil' first and fashions his own conception of 'good' in opposition to this.

For Nietzsche, equality is an ideal of the slave morality, and here I must bring up an important point that is often lost, Nietzsche does not condemn the slave morality as wholly bad and the master morality as wholly good. He is often misinterpreted as doing so as he argues points against the dominant christian morality of his (and arguably our) time. For Nietzsche though the ideal of equality was one of the worst of these slave morality values because it directly attacked the noble morality which he believed was sometimes necessary for the advancement and survival of the human race.

And isn't Nietzsche right to say that we need leaders? We need heroes? We need the great and noble among us? As members of the herd we may dislike them but everywhere we look we see societies organised in pyramids – from the most basic tribal structures to the political and economic structures of today. Just as the herd needs the great the great also needs the herd or what is he able to measure his greatness against?

Even the great thinkers of equality engels and Marx were unable to think up what a society might look like without pyramids, no clear description for the communist utopia ever appeared in their writings – all the socialist parties, commities and such like that Marx was a member of had leaders and Marx himself has clearly become a hero and Icon of equality. Which of marx's devotees wouldn't have taken a bullet to save the life of the great man?

All difficult and interesting questions for someone who want to defend the ideal of equality at all costs.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently

October 29, 2005

How excellent is Jam?

How tasty is Jam?
Intellect sapped:
Too much
Quantity of Slopes:
Tony Hawks
More than you hope
Less than you expect
The future of music:
Online Quizes:
Take the I Hate My Life Quiz

October 19, 2005

Fort awesome

Writing about web page http://www.fortawesome.co.uk/

Forts are awesome.

October 13, 2005

Lonely City

Writing about web page http://www.transmetropolitan.com/

Everyone I like should read Transmetroplitan. The fort recieved a visit the other day from the mighty Colin and he brought with him/dredged from Sam's effluent pits, several tomes of this mighty comic. Featuring the burning rage of Spider Jerusalem, the man who doesn't fear the truth and a post apocolypitic futurist city that bears unmistakable resonances with our world today. Witty, touching and groin-punchingly brutal in its honest examination of the conditions and experience of mankind.

Its good in all the right ways

In other news, it appears that we will soon be getting proper graduate logins and will be able to check out all those secret entries that people don't want the world to see. Personally, I haven't noticed that much change without being able to see them but its nice to feel all included.

Fort Awesome undergoes further changes in the upcoming week as we are building a proper bar out of real wood and everything.

September 22, 2005

Revolving still

Follow-up to A Controlled Revolution? from Dan Lawrence's Blog

Further controller thoughts here

Analyzing the entire corporate startegy of Nintendo versus Microsoft and Sony. I'm sure there is lots to disagree with in there but I think the broad thrust is fair enough.

Other than reading that I've been mostly coding stuff up in a mixture of javascript(which I have no idea about) and php (which I also have little to no concept of). So far it hasn't been too bad with the internet, general all round coding skills and some helpful housemates, all chipping in to bash it into shape. Turns out the little tool I am trying to code up is actually just like a simplified JIRA. Its mostly to organise myself to do the coding on the Half-Life 2 game, but also to practice those web developer skills to add to the CV.


September 17, 2005

A Controlled Revolution?

Just to show, to those who doubted, that Nintendo haven't gone completely mad here's what they are doing to ensure support from third party developers.

If thats not enough to prove to you that this controller is very exciting then check out this teaser video.

I highly reccommend it.

In case you haven't been following the story (And who hasn't?), Nintendo have decided that the next generation of Console Wars will be won, not by the people with the best graphics, but by the people with the best ideas. This controller for their new Revolution console is their first blow (That bit in the middle slides out, looks like a TV remote, and can do all kind of fancy stuff – watch the video its the only way to understand how a game about chopping carrots could actually exist in the near future).

September 16, 2005

CSS Returns And Dan Gets Bed

After only a short outage I've bought the blog back up under my custom scheme.

After a few changes its now better than ever. With all kinds of magical stuff going on.

In other news, I have obtained a nice shiny new bed thus completing my furniture collection. Things are quite tightly packed into my new room with two desks, large chair, a cupboard, drawers and a double bed; but it does all fit and the new bed is truly awesome.

Found a bit of time to carry on playing Planescape: Torment this week, noticed a few bugs which have marred the play experience slightly but thats being picky. It truly is a shining example of a dialogue driven game, taking much of its best features from the world of the text adventure rather than fancy 3D graphics. Behind every door in Planescape lurks some mystery, and there are lots of interesting choices (Do I end the suffering of an old woman who I believe will not recover from her illness; by stabbing her? Do I kill someone just because they are a demon and someone has asked me to? Do the undead have a right to existence? Am I responsible for my crimes if I do not remember them or anything about the person I was when I commited them? Is immortality a blessing or a curse?)

Still jobless.

September 15, 2005

Life Long Hacking

Still awaiting that dream job here in Fort Awesome, how long will I last waiting for a call back from a place I actually want to work at, before I crack and apply over at MacDonalds or ASDA? Take your bets please.

In the meantime I've been trying to improve my C++ skills by moving them into the modern era of namespaces, I/O streams and design patterns. My current method is to mix a variety of reading material sources with some real world problems by coding up a mod for Half-Life 2 called The Opera. The mod is one I've been involved with for some years, through a release on the original Half-Life (netting 5 stars in PC Gamer I might add) to an abortive attempt on the Unreal Engine finally reaching the present day with a Half-Life 2 version. Previously I've always been involved in the level design and modelling aspects so this is my first foray at taking the very familiar design into my ill practiced coders hands.

I always feel like something of an academic leper, useless at the most high brow philosophical debates due to the large gaps in my knowledge caused by doing a split degree. Yet I have also never been able to quite keep apace of the computer Scientists either. While I have latterly felt more at home among them, I actually studied even less Computer Science than I did Philosophy. Maybe this is why I can't get one of them fancypants coding jobs.

So, with my degree a fading memory, I've decided that I don't really care too much for those high falutin' philosophical debates. Nietzsche was right. The End. I'm going to spend my post university time learning to be better at all things computerized. Soon I shall know my observer pattern from my bridge pattern and I'll write UML designed code that will make grown men weep in wonder.

If anyone has any essential C++ coding tips or, just tips in general then post up a comment.

September 11, 2005

The Heaven And Earth Show

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/programmes/heavenandearth/

I've been unfortunate enough to be too lazy to change the channel when the Heaven and Earth show comes on, more than once. This show epitomises everything that is irritating about the charlatans that perpetrate most religions.

In the most recent edition I watched , a debate over good medical practice, pitted a bright pink tracksuited woman (yes, I know, don't comment on what women are wearing -sets back the cause of feminism, blah de-blah. However in this case it serves to illuminate her odious character) with a high wattage smile that looked like it had been drawn on by an over excitable five year old; against an actual medical scientist (a man, cleverly). The show seemed to be attempting to grant some kind of legitimacy to the 'complementary' medicine brigade, both through the complete lack of forensic questioning of the flimsy 'evidence' presented by the radioactive spokeswoman, and the transparent attempt to show alternative medicine as more friendly, spiritual and feminine than the cold, hard and masculine light of… truth?

This disinterest in facts and rationality continued to permeate the whole show. Next up was a priest who claimed, dramatically, that he could forsee the future due to a special connection with god. he demostrated this power by recollecting the time when he was holidaying in Rome, noticed all the birds had fled and thought to himself 'I bet there is going to be an earthquake', and lo and behold, by the grace of god there was indeed a minor one. Nevermind the dubious claim that he thought it, then it happened (surely I could say that I thought that a hurricane would strike New Orleans after the event) there is also the overwhelmingly less exciting explanation that his thought was merely coincidence. We can then add the fact that he saw the birds leave and was able to make a logical connection that something big was going to happen and then guessed that in an earthquake zone perhaps that might be it….

No, it must be the divine power of god.

September 08, 2005

The City That Sleeps

The way I have my desk set-up in the new house is perfect for encouraging me to sketch in idle moments when I'm thinking or otherwise being generally unemployed (yes, jobs are on my mind a lot right now). I've always been drawn to the image of a city at night; the shapes and dramatic lighting fascinate and excite my emotions.

The sketching is gradually improving almost a year on from when I decided to restart sketching and brought a whole bunch of fresh materials. A lot of higher priority things got in the way of my drawing ambition but I've hung on in there and drawn things throughout the year. I'll aim to do more.

I was generally in a bit of a useless TIZZ last night and this morning, got a bit over stressed by the whole employment search. Its easy to feel like the whole process is outside of your control, which can then become demoralising when things remain unchanged. At around mid day I relaxed a bit, made myself a nice cooked lunch, did a little bit of drawing and managed to take back some of that control by re-emailing the people I have contacted about jobs and tuning up my CV for some other kinds of work.

I've pretty much decided that my future lies in making games, but with my lack of experience and the difficulty of getting started in the industry it seems likely I'll have to take on some other kind of work in the meantime. Most of my proudest achievements however relate to the making of games in some way so the CV has required some highly creative editing.

I seem to have now gained coding control over my long running Half-Life 2 mod project so I shall be using that to brush up my C++ game programming skills while I hit refresh on my email account and glance anxiously phone-wards.

September 05, 2005

The Big Flake

Today I at last finished moving into my new home in Leamington Spa. With all the moving around I've been doing it feels like I've barely been living here, despite collecting the keys around three weeks ago. Now though its sinking in; phase one completed in the master plan, university is over and I've truly moved away from the family home. The safety net is gone and, along with my companions in Fort Awesome, Real Life™ must begin.

Phase two of the plan is to find a way of surviving (producing the hard cash) that I enjoy and this is likely to take considerably longer. I think many less than perfect jobs will have to be endured and discarded as I search for that holy grail. My current dream is to make money from designing indie computer games and selling them through a web portal. The problem with this plan is its very risky and provides no immediate cash injection of which I am sorely in need. Yet I suspect I will make moves in that direction anyway, while searching for something else with the other hand. What I am at core is a dreamer, I live in my own mind for a large part of my life and I want to bring these dreams to life. I'm not bothered by having large amounts of money. I'm not going to be a banker in the city. I just want to get by well enough and make challenging, groundbreaking, critically acclaimed entertainment.

I also want a robot.

I wonder what phase three is though? If I achieved the dream; what next? Is there something else to do?

Schopenhauer described life as being a cycle of desire, fleeting satisfaction and boredom. I guess for me I could satisfy myself by continually improving my creative output, maybe one day saving up enough cash to build my own house (with robots). Then I can retire and open that pub (non-smoking, no kids, no food – I figure we'll all need some way of making money in retirement plus I like sitting around in pubs). At weekends I will draw. Or maybe I won't, I'm not sure I like planning that far ahead. Makes life less exciting, If I stick to it I've already surrendered control of my life to a plan, I'll be stuck doing these things. Maybe I'll keep it loose instead, just go with what the mood takes. Make sure I'm enjoying myself all the time, that kind of basic stuff.

I'm always meaning to write more blogs; I've planned loads in my mind. There is the hillarious Jehovah's Witness Leaflet Parody Entry, The Entry In Which I Draw Your Attention To The Work Of Always Black and The Entry In Which I Explain The Educational Power Of Wikis. I think I'll have to come clean and just admit to being a flake, these entries will never get made. I'd just rather be doing other things, or else I would have done them.

Then again…

September 02, 2005

Sexy new CSS Layouts

Writing about BlogBuilder update: Custom CSS from Blogbuilder news

Looks like the good folks at Blogbuilder have pulled some rabbits out of hats and allowed us to "bling up" our blogs. Its all very exciting and persuaded me to spend a couple of hours today tweaking the source code to make this new layout.

I reccommend starting with one of the already made .css layout files and working from there. Also I've heard tell on the grapevine that all the hard work modifying may be broken soon when Andy Ingram uploads his fixes to the generic layouts. You might want to hold off till thats done.

Otherwise an excellent move for Blogbuilder which might spawn a whole mini culture of tech savvy types passing round css designs for the less tecnically minded. Lets see if I'm right.

Anyone got any jobs?

August 16, 2005

Amiga Power

Amiga Power 2

I expected noone to understand this. Mostly I was right

WGA entry

I'm now ITfficially no longer a student at warwick.




August 13, 2005


Looks like we got the house, all that remains is the delicate buisness of signing contracts and we can move our collective arse into the region, of Leamington Spa. This is what is known as Awesome.

Also on the theme of houses, Helen is currently at my house reading the Times Educational Supplement. This worthy tome of teacheresque bounty seems to have become her constant companion, very interesting. I've supplied her with plentiful bounty of soduku but she is so far uninterested, odd for a female of her age and pigmentation. More on this experiment later.

I've just been made aware that something called the 'coalition of hate' is attempting to attack and sieze control of my very essence of being. Sam, you're a very hunky man and I'm sorry for all the love letters.

Pretty standard fare for a saturday morning in chez Lawrence.

August 11, 2005

Got Milk?

Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/howesn/

Nick Howes is a man of many talents.

However his most noticeable feature is his love of milk, I know that living with him is going to be a pleasureable experience simply because our fridge will never fail to be stuffed with this white gold that I too have a great and, in many ways, terrible thirst for. The love of milk is entirely grounded in scientific fact and very powerful advertising, which, as we know, is better than scientific fact.

Nick Howes is also a Lance Corporal which should mean he brings a sense of military discipline to the other slack jawed yokels I'm forced to cohabit with. Freeing me up for a few of my favourite pursuits , which is excellent. Nick can also lighten up even the darkest of evenings by imitating Police Academy's Michael Winslow with impecable timing. What a useful chap he is, and with the right wiring should be able to keep our home secure as well! Magic.

A poem about Nick

That guy on the news,
Had none of your flair,
He took an unscheduled cruise,
Sailed right through the air,
The poor chap hit the floor,
While trying Parkour.

Too soon?
That's why I'm no Nick,
While playing the loon,
He never misses a trick,
He's so cool,
Makes me look like a fool.

Thats why I'm watching him now,
As I tighten my grip,
I see him milking a cow,
One little slip,
Where'd he get all those cows?
God bless you Howes.

The best thing about Nick though, is that he loves making things, be it games, £10 pound note t-shirts, or wild photoshop antics he's always creative and thus great, and truly inspiring to have around.

Lance Corporal Howes; I salute you.

(Sorry about the delay on your application form Nick, beaurocracy and all that)

Indie Games

Writing about web page http://diygames.com/

Will independent video games soon rival the strength of the independent cinema scene, and provide a similar role in reinvigorating the conservative mainstream? These signs are definitely begin to show, with a few breakthrough games like Uplink showing that the small scale independents can still have large success, as they did in the dawn of the industry. While the team behind the game have said that if they'd known how hard it was going to be in the beginning they wouldn't have tried, somehow I don't believe them. On a much wider scale independent companies are having success in specific fields with good buisness models – such as in MMORPG games where players pay a monthly fe for an ongoing experience and are often prepared to do without expensive and time consuming graphics for a greater depth of experience.

There are plenty of signs from the more artistcally inclined game designers that they yearn for a stronger independent scene in which to exercise their skills. Warren Spector (Credited as the main genius behind the original Deus Ex) went on a 'rant against the games industry' panel at this years GDC saying:

We need Sundances. Independent Film Channel. Equivalents of those. Just try to find some way of funding your stuff that doesn’t come from a publisher.

See the full text here

Outside these big industry names there are also things happening; independent games are getting better. Observe this article over at Euro gamer on some of the more interesting titles around today.

There are new models for lower cost gaming emerging, with new distribution models. Check out Ritual's SiN: Episodes . They intend to use Valve's Steam software to deliver game content directly to consumers in a format like TV serials, evolving and changing the way the game plays as more content is released and players generate feedback.

Its exciting and somethng that everyone should encourage and be involved with. More independent games means more innovation, games for smaller markets, games for adults, women, artists. Games that make you think, make you cry, games that move the industry into a proper art form, worthy of the name.