July 09, 2004

Permissions for external users

Putting up some photos tonight has made me think about permissions for external users. A lot of people will want to make blog entries and pictures available to their parents or friends back at home. Obviously they will not have Warwick logins. You could easily enough just make the content public, but what if you want it to be private to just you and your non-Warwick friends/family.

In SiteBuilder, this is done with being able to password a page. How should we do this in BlogBuilder?

There are two options as I can see.

  1. Put password protection on the permissions list along with the current permissions groups.
  2. Allow owners of blogs to create their own users who can login to just BlogBuilder.

The system with the least complications is number 1, you don't have to worry about user management and clashing usernames.
So far no one has screamed about this issue yet, but I bet it will come up once we have international students blogging in October and want to communicate with home.

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  1. Steven Carpenter

    1. would work ok I think – it's something I wondered about for project blogs that might require input from users outside of Warwick.

    09 Jul 2004, 07:29

  2. Robert O'Toole

    I recently talked to a group of students about blogs, and they raised this issue. Password protection was seen as the best option. They thought that managing their own users would be too difficult.

    09 Jul 2004, 08:32

  3. Should we be setting the password on a per entry/image basis, or just have a generic password for the blog where you can mark an entry/image in the permissions as using the password protection?

    Indivudual passwords have flexibility, but maintainability problems. But the single password would probably be too restrictive I guess.

    09 Jul 2004, 09:51

  4. How about looking at passwords per Gallery? Is that feasible?

    Could you automatically give 1 (better 2) passwords that the blogger can assign as they wish.

    So there are 3 options:

    1. Gallery (ies) with no password and photos have permission criteria as currently (which should be scope enough for most pictures I would think).
    2. Gallery (ies) with autopassword1 set (which blogger has chosen to give to eg family only).
    3. Gallery (ies) with autopassword2 set (which blogger has chosen to give to eg friends only).

    The only other 'group' I could think of is selected internal users, if they were working on a group project and wanted to discuss and share pictures about it, which they didn't want to show other groups in the class until presentation time. But of course there are probably others.

    The automatically setting of even one password for every blog is just that even feasible, due to the numbers of anticipated blogs?

    09 Jul 2004, 17:20

  5. Passwords per gallery doesn't really work unfortunately because what you are really trying to protect is the images, and an image can be in multiple galleries or just referenced in an entry.

    Giving permissions to an image for people with logins is fine, just create a group and give that group permissions on the image.

    There are certainly going to be some compications with whatever password strategy we come up with, I guess we'll just have to get the right balance between usability and power…the eternal battle!

    12 Jul 2004, 10:50

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