October 04, 2005

Parking warning

I got a note on my car today warning me that they are going to start fining and clamping so if you're going to park somewhere dodgy, think twice tomorrow.

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  1. Where abouts was your car parked when you got this note?

    05 Oct 2005, 01:24

  2. Here you go => link

    (Parking Enforcement Regulations on the Student & Ancillary Services webpages.)

    05 Oct 2005, 08:42

  3. Not in a proper bay over at Westwood

    05 Oct 2005, 08:44

  4. John Dale

    Argh! Casey! Linking to a PDF rather than a web page without telling anyone! Grr!

    05 Oct 2005, 09:07

  5. Even all the reasonable 'not a proper space' spaces had gone at Westwood by 9.00am today, so I parked on Charter Avenue. Security can't clamp you there as it's a public road. I think I'll save a lot of driving around and just park there always from now on.

    05 Oct 2005, 09:27

  6. That's actually a pretty good idea Jon, I might try that.

    05 Oct 2005, 09:29

  7. Hides head in shame


    Why can't I edit my own comments on someone else's blog? (Then I could let people know.)

    05 Oct 2005, 11:53

  8. Erm… sorry about the Westwood carpark. We've had our trailer there for a while. And last night I coned about 4 extra spaces so we could move it today. There are some more spaces there now :D

    05 Oct 2005, 17:15

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