July 09, 2004

House update

Finally got my broadband up and running at home! Yay! I really don't know how people put up with dial-up.

Anyway, broadband means pictures off the camera and onto the blog.

Populated the conservatory now, looking much more lived in now compared to the empty shell it was before. Not quite finished still, but almost there.

More pictures in the Moving in gallery

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  1. Robert O'Toole

    Broadband! I haven't even got a phone yet.

    09 Jul 2004, 08:33

  2. ooooooh….is your house always SO clean! you should see our place :-(

    09 Jul 2004, 08:47

  3. Believe me, not always that clean. This is clean because until we moved in the sofas and plants, this room was empty. Advantage of moving into a bigger house is that you've initially got less stuff to clutter the place up…but that won't last long!

    09 Jul 2004, 09:33

  4. But since some people do have dial-up, how about a way for them to get a view that doesn't include pictures, as it'll slow them down every time their browser re-requests? You could substitute the pics with links to the pics instead. Come to think of it, maybe that should be the default view.

    09 Jul 2004, 10:15

  5. I'm not sure I'd have pictures turned off by default. The advantage of the way that blogbuilder shinks images is that it doesn't just resize them with width=300 type tags on the img tag, it actually re-encodes the image down, so these 300k images are displaying nicely down at 17k and 11k
    Besides, most people I know have got LAN connections at Warwick or broadband…and those are the people I care about for my personal entries.

    09 Jul 2004, 10:24

  6. Maybe you're right about the default, but you just made another post about caring about students wanting their families to be able to see their blogs – lots of those families will only have 56Kb.

    09 Jul 2004, 10:40

  7. You're right of course that the majority of peoples families at home will only have dial-up, but I think the automatic compression of the images will really help. How many people would know about image compression and upload nicely shrunk-down images for their family 56'ers to view, of their own accord?

    09 Jul 2004, 11:33

  8. Chris May

    Of course, the people at home will probably only find out about the blogs when thier offspring send them a link – so if we made a 'tell someone about this blog' feature, we could add an option to send a 'smart' link e.g. link , which would set a preferences cookie for no|small|big images as appropriate.

    12 Jul 2004, 09:15

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