February 01, 2005

Comparing University blogging systems

Writing about web page http://blog.case.edu/jms18/2005/01/21/checking_out_other_universitys_blog_hosting_services

Ahhhh, it's nice when people notice :)

Jeremy Smith from Case Western Reserve University runs down a little review of different University blogging systems.

I'll quote him just in case you can't be bothered to read it.

Warwick Blogs

Well, we've hit the cream of the crop, it seems. Not only does this system use existing University credentials, but it is integrated with their Single Sign On system (something we, at Case, don't have). They have a blog directory and a "planet" site. And, if you noticed in the directory, they have blogs listed in there for courses and faculty divisions and services.

They have tons of documentation in FAQs, About pages, Tours, and a Glossary.

I wasn't able to play with it, but it seems they developed a piece of software called SiteBuilder (screenshot) that does all of the heavy lifting and handles the editing of a blog's templates and styles.

All and all, this is great stuff.

5 out of 5, no doubt.

He doesn't get it exactly right about how it works, but he is close enough.

Turns out that CASE themselves also now have a blogging system, that's another one for the list.

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  1. Well, we've hit the cream of the crop, it seems… 5 out of 5, no doubt.


    01 Feb 2005, 11:30

  2. I have to say that I really am very impressed with warwick blogs and I agree with 5/5 completely. Its V good, you guys should all be very proud.

    01 Feb 2005, 11:39

  3. Winnar

    01 Feb 2005, 13:37

  4. Jeremy Smith

    Whoops! Which part was I off on? Did I misconstrue the purpose of SiteBuilder?

    And, if I could ask, is there a "demo" account on your system? Something maybe an outsider could use just to get a peek at the feature set?

    Nice system you have going on here, by the way (if you couldn't already tell I was impressed by the blog entry).

    01 Feb 2005, 18:58

  5. Steven Carpenter

    Someone from Coventry University told me recently that "there's a really positive buzz about academic blogs and a lot of interest in what Warwick is doing with them".

    02 Feb 2005, 20:55

  6. Jeremy: Only slightly out in that SiteBuilder is our CMS that we had before we did blogs. BlogBuilder is a distinct project built from scratch just for blogs…that's all.

    Steve: We need to get the word out more. We also need to try to highlight and encourage as many academic uses as we can.

    02 Feb 2005, 21:29

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