December 23, 2004

Browser stats

Seeing as lots of people all over the web are anaylsing their web stats to see how the uptake of Firefox is going, I thought I'd publish my findings for Warwick Blogs.

  • Internet Explorer 6: 74%
  • Mozilla (all kinds): 22%
  • Safari: 1.6%
  • Opera: 0.8%

As for operating systems

  • Windows: 95%
  • Mac: 3%
  • Linux: 1.3%

These were for requests made between 1st December and 22nd December. As others have said, this is not a representation of how much any of these browsers are being used in the world as a whole, but it does show that us tech-savy Warwick students/staff are certainly starting to make the switch faster that the world as a whole.

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  1. Robert O'Toole

    I don't think that Mozilla is on the managed desktop yet, so that may account for some of the IE use.

    23 Dec 2004, 14:58

  2. Chris May

    Moz 1.7 is on the managed desktop; I think Firefox 1.x is going to be added to the workarea builds soon.

    There's clearly a skew towards 'non-standard' environments on blogs. On sitebuilder (, which is more representative of the internet at large, we get more like 1% mozilla / firefox. The percentage of Mac users is much lower too.

    23 Dec 2004, 16:41

  3. John Dale

    It surely can't be true that these is no measurable IE5.5 and 5.0 usage. That would imply that throughout December, nobody used the default browser on the managed desktop to visit WB, which I would be astonished by.

    23 Dec 2004, 19:18

  4. Ok, I'll admit that isn't quite accurate. I bundled all of IE into IE6 there, however I did that because there is a huge majority for IE6. The web stats report does not give detail for all requests, but looking at the browsers that made up the biggest shares, something like 297000 hits came from IE of some kind, 96% of which were IE6.

    I guess what that really means is that students read blogs with IE6 and Firefox and a few staff read with IE5.5, but perhaps the tech-savy staff who are more likely to read blogs shun IE5.5 and use Firefox instead that they have self-installed? Who knows.

    23 Dec 2004, 23:36

  5. Mathew Mannion

    Firefox surely will have a massive increase because of the people who have RSS feeds added to their bookmark toolbar.

    23 Dec 2004, 23:48

  6. Chris May

    Probably not that massive. Our RSS has a 2-hour TTL, so firefox won't check that often, and I bet that there aren't that many people actually using live bookmarks yet. I suspect that most people either don't use RSS at all, or use a more full-featured feed reader. Though this is based entirely on speculation; I'm far to lazy to go and look at the logs and gather some actual evidence.

    24 Dec 2004, 08:50

  7. I've got my stats anaylsis to leave out RSS readers and even rss pages requested by any browser.

    24 Dec 2004, 16:32

  8. Am I the only one using netscape nav?

    28 Dec 2004, 10:46

  9. Netscape? Oh my goodness… Yes, yes you are the only one using Netscape. ;) AOL are going to bring out a new version of Netscape based upon Firefox, but you're better off using the real thing, imho.

    So, 1.3% Linux users! It's a start. Would the missing 0.7% be GNU/Hurd users, or just rounding errors? Hmm…

    28 Dec 2004, 12:43

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