April 28, 2005

Bad news

Follow-up to Plastering and kitchen units arriving from Kieran's blog

Not the best day today unfortunately :(

Plastering went just fine and is looking really great…however…building regs was not so good.

We had been lead to believe by our architect that if we left in the external door from the kitchen to the back of the garage, we would not have to stick to the strict building regulations that we'd have to if we'd knocked the wall out into the garage. So, based on that we went ahead and planned for the utility room. Unfortunately that was not the case. The building regs guy came in and said that recently the laws have changed and even though it is not really part of the house, if you intend to turn the back of the garage into a utility room, then it does then become part of the house and has to meet the same level of building regulations as any other part of a house.

So, what does this mean for our plans? Well, we could either continue and build the full blown utility room in the garage for literally £1000's, or we could say 'screw it'. Looks like we're going to go for option 2. We can still put our washing machine/dryer/fridge out in the garage, but we can't put in a new partition wall, plasterboard up the walls, raise the floor and put in the new ceiling. *Sigh*

That's life though. Lesson of the day: Always get a second opinion. Always

Kitchen goes ahead as usual though! We're starting to put units in now and they're looking really nice, so that's cheered me up a bit :)

Tomorrow for once I've actually not got any workers in, so it's just me and the flat pack…bring it on!

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  1. Bad luck Kieran & Steph.

    Good luck with the flat pack though, should be a nice day for it today. (Bet Maggie's loving having you around during the day.)

    29 Apr 2005, 08:21

  2. Oh dear- I have, for the last six months, been toying with exactly what you're wanting to do- turning the back of the garage into a utility room. What did the building inspector want you to add in for compliance?

    Have fun with the flat packs!

    29 Apr 2005, 12:11

  3. Thanks Casey. Good luck with you're move today too.

    Bridget: Basically, because it is part of the house, it has to have the same insulation/damp proofing/ventilation/fire protection/electrics/plumbing/etc… that a newly built full extension would have. If you're garage doesn't have proper foundations then you're in trouble too because it is a 'heated space' and part of the house, it has to have proper foundations, if it doesn't you'd have to knock down the garage and put in foundations!! It's crazy.

    29 Apr 2005, 13:30

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