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January 31, 2005

Yet more Warwick Blogs statistics

Follow-up to Warwick Blogs statistics from Kieran's blog

I've not looked at the stats for Warwick Blogs in a little while, so I thought it was time to publish a few bits of information for anyone interested.

I'll start with page views. Following an obvious Xmas holiday drop in page views, we are almost climbing back up to pre-Xmas levels…but not quite. I guess things are pretty much in steady state now.

As for actual writing activity, following the very same Xmas drop, we are back up to as active as ever almost. 150 or so entries a day is pretty good, but still lower than I would have hoped. Still, we have 17,500 entries in total now.

Comments do seem to have dropped below pre-Xmas levels now. No doubt this is partly down to the loss of the old style homepage which shows "Hot topics". Hopefully it is then made up for by the inclusion of favourites pages for people since just before Xmas. We now have around 34,000 comments. That's 2 for every entry. A good ratio.

It is interesting to see that there is still a nice steady influx of new blog requests. What is nice is that we are starting to see different uses we'd not really thought about. In the last week or two we've seen a lot of requests for blogs by candidates for the Union elections. Hopefully blogs will give them an easier way to communicate and get feedback from the voters.

Galleries continue to be used heavily this term. With around 150 new images uploaded per day, we now have 23,000 images!

A few other little stats.

  • 300 people have created favourites page now.
  • 670 people have created profile pages.
  • There are 400 blogs with more than 10 entries
  • There are 3 blogs that more than 40 people list in their favourites
  • We list just 232 external links in our favourites, but over 1500 local Warwick blogs.
  • Over 8000 distinct Warwick staff and students have visited Warwick Blogs when logged in since it started (that's a great ratio of total staff/students)
  • Only two users have made more than 1000 comments!
  • 1300 distinct logged in users have posted comments

Most popular blog designs:

  1. pink
  2. coolblue
  3. standard
  4. bluetones
  5. black
  6. coolblue2
  7. simplegreen
  8. icywow
  9. toned3
  10. grungy

Other and better quality images are in the Stats gallery

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