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September 22, 2004

Post holiday resolutions

Follow-up to What I did whilst not programming from Kieran's blog

Well, I said this about a week ago:

  1. I am going to get more healthy
  2. I am going to start either running or going to the gym (football might be good for the legs, but not good enough for the rest of the body)
  3. I am going to eat better lunches, the pork pies and crappy ham sandwiches need to stop!
  4. I am going to watch less TV

So, how have I done? Well, number 1 is really just a general thing that is made up of me trying to do number 2 and 3.

Number 3. All last week I had salads for lunch, very nice, so much nicer than crappy ham sandwiches (and I have stopped bringing in those naughtly little pork pies…hmmmm…pie).

As for number 2, I went to the gym last night for the first time. Spent an hour on running/rowing/cycling/sit-ups/stretching. Considering we played footy at lunch time and the day before, it wasn't too bad. For my own records, I'm going to put my embarrasing bad stats here so that I can track my progress in the coming weeks.

  • Rowing: 1000m – Resistence:10 – Time: 4 mins'ish
  • Running: 13 minutes – Speed:10 – Incline:4
  • Cycling: 15 minutes – can't remeber any settings

It sounds a bit pathetic when written down like that. We did a few other bits and pieces in between, but they were the major things. I'm not even going to list how crap my sit-up performance was, because Barry put me to shame…six-pack possessing git :)

Of course, after all that, we went down the pub…oops.

I'm surprised that they spent all that new money on the University gym but didn't put in better machines. I've not used any, but I've heard of the machines where you put in your membership card and it tracks all your performance for you. That would certainly save me from having to keep track myself. Oh well…I'm guessing they cost a fortune.

Oh, and number 4. Less TV. Yeah, but not just through will power, the bloody TV died last night :(

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