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July 09, 2004

RSS comics

Writing about web page

Oh, and in case you like Penny Arcade or any other old comic, you can subscribe to a whole load of comics through RSS feeds, how cool is that.

I had a brief conversation the other day about the merits of RSS over email. You could of course just subscribe to those comics by email and each day a new email will be sent to you with a comic strip in. However, with RSS, it pulls in the last say 20 comics when you first subscribe and then adds a new one each day.

RSS aggregators also automatically categorise your subscriptions because you have one folder for each thing you are subscribed to, so you can easily find all the comics from Dilbert or whatever. You could of course do that with email, but you'd have to manually set up a folder and a rule to filter the emails into that folder, how many people would honestly do that?

RSS also has the advantage of privacy. When you subscribe to a feed, you are just deciding effectively to tell your software to go and visit a website and grab a page of RSS. You never give out your email address

Family and IT support

Writing about web page

Anyone in IT knows how this feels. Everyone in your family assumes you know everything about computers and you are always the first one to call when their mouse gets stuck or the computer blows up.

The cartoon

Penny Arcade article

Permissions for external users

Putting up some photos tonight has made me think about permissions for external users. A lot of people will want to make blog entries and pictures available to their parents or friends back at home. Obviously they will not have Warwick logins. You could easily enough just make the content public, but what if you want it to be private to just you and your non-Warwick friends/family.

In SiteBuilder, this is done with being able to password a page. How should we do this in BlogBuilder?

There are two options as I can see.

  1. Put password protection on the permissions list along with the current permissions groups.
  2. Allow owners of blogs to create their own users who can login to just BlogBuilder.

The system with the least complications is number 1, you don't have to worry about user management and clashing usernames.
So far no one has screamed about this issue yet, but I bet it will come up once we have international students blogging in October and want to communicate with home.

House update

Finally got my broadband up and running at home! Yay! I really don't know how people put up with dial-up.

Anyway, broadband means pictures off the camera and onto the blog.

Populated the conservatory now, looking much more lived in now compared to the empty shell it was before. Not quite finished still, but almost there.

More pictures in the Moving in gallery

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