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August 04, 2004

More and more bathroom renovation

Took another day off today to work on the bathroom. Had high hopes for really getting it almost finished today, but no…as usual things you think will be quick turn out to take forever!

The cabinets still needed quite a lot of work. Particularly tricky was cutting the front panels to fit the toilet and the sink. Initially we thought we'd have enough space for two single cabinets, but only have room for one, but had to fill in a gap at the end between the sink and bath. One big arse saw and hacked apart cabinet meant the gap was filled with a nice little open shelf thingy-magiggy (is thingy-magiggy in the dictionary? It should be).

I still can't believe that going from the before to after pictures shown above took around 6 hours! I would have got more done, but an hour was spent tidying up in time for my parents arriving at 5pm.

So, maybe I'll start tiling soon…I hope. I just want this finished :(
Don't get me wrong, I really really enjoy doing this stuff, it is really rewarding, but only for so long…after a while it gets too tiring and drags on too long.

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Yet more bathroom renovation

Follow-up to More bathroom renovation from Kieran's blog

Another day spent on the bathroom. Terry came over again today to help out. Today was sink and toilet day. Old toilet came out with a little bit of work, but putting in the new one was not easy because it involved properly lining up with the concealed cistern in the new cabinets. It also meant getting a longer waste pipe, and even lifting a couple of floorboards to check for heating pipes when my pipe checker beeped like a good'en.

After the bathroom came the sink, again, not quite as easy as I'd hoped. Problem was getting all the cabinets lined up and right holes cut out for the sink in the counter top. Had a minor panic and lightning trip to Homebase at 19:30 to get a couple of new connectors, but apart from that, everything went on nicely and not a single leak :)

So, next step is to get those cabinets finished off, shouldn't take too long…followed by tiling! Yay!

This bathroom had better be bloody nice when I'm done!!

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