September 25, 2012

Things to Keep Us Going!

Just on the back of Craig's recent blog, I thought I would use a space to collect bits and pieces as I go along to keep me inspired about teaching- quotes, stories, lyrics, pictures, just little snippets to keep us upbeat on the long, chilly journey to June!

Two quotes I have found this week have stuck with me that I would love to share, one from Stanislavski, "Create your own method. Don't depend slavishly on mine. Make up something that will work for you! But keep breaking traditions, I beg you."

The second is from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, which was "Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not enjoy breathing."

Hope everyone has a fantastic first day at school tomorrow!

September 19, 2012

Postively influencing behaviour for learning

I can positively influence behaviour for learning in all that I do within my role as a teacher. From the clothes you wear, to the way that you carry yourself within the classroom, to the behaviour that you display both as a standalone teacher to your interaction with the students, you behaviour will mould and shape the pupil’s perception of what education means to them.

The first impression that you leave with a pupil will be your starting point of the relationship that you build upon with them; the way in which I hook them in, find methods of getting them to engage with the learning material and finding that relevance that means a student will find the link between their own experiences and that of the text, or the context that the literature is written is paramount to learning. However, people buy people, and you could plan the most specific, precise lesson with an outstanding set of resources that will not function or succeed if the class has not bought into your existence as a teacher. By that, I mean you, not your personal self, but the professional teaching self that you have embodied and decided to portray to your class.

Pupils will observe your every movement; a student’s concentration level will sway between what is expected of them, and their observation of you, from your interaction with each individual student, to your reaction and statements that personalise your lessons.

I personally believe that my non verbal communication holds strongly in influencing behaviour for learning. My experience as a mother has not only provided me with behaviour management skills, but allowed me to recognise that children and young people remember your behaviour, and ultimately imitate it, consciously or otherwise. You may not at this point in your career realise the weight of your actions when in the audience of others, and it may present traits within your personality that you were previously completely unaware of; teaching will allow me to not only realise these traits, but to hold them up to the scrutiny as to whether they are effective tools within the classroom.

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