April 12, 2006

I need a life!

I've decided I really do. Having spent 5 weeks at home doing very little besides feeding, changing, mopping up sick, feeding some more and looking at myself despairingly in the mirror when I realise it's midday and I still haven't got dressed or eaten breakfast (with the exception of last week, when I ran around like a blue-arsed fly all week having just been given the all-clear to drive), I have decided I need to get more done. Can't expect hubby to run round doing everything I normally do and work. So today I must pay cheques into the bank, go and take a fiver to the nice man at the garage who glued my wing mirror back on rather than ripping me off for £150 (for a flipping wing mirror??!!) like most of the garages quoted, go to Tesco, go to Boots and get a steriliser, buy birthday present for my mum, buy easter eggs or suchlike for various people I'll be seeing at the weekend, see if anywhere sells baby earplugs for band practice on Friday…. And it's scary how long these things take with a baby in tow.

Crikey I need to get a lot done actually. In addition to which, I'd love to do something I enjoy doing for a change. OK this being a mummy lark is fun to a point, but I am forgetting how to interact socially…Aaaarrrggghh! Hubby doesn't see this as a problem, but then social interaction isn't high on the list of things he enjoys – he'd rather spend his free time in solitude with his computer or a good book. I, on the other hand, am more high maintenance and generally can't amuse myself for that long – I need people!! Or a lot of money so I can afford a long pampering session – hair, make up, nails, full body massage, the works… yeah right. I hear this little voice telling me that's not going to happen for several years. Which is a tad disconcerting. Then again, where would I go once I'd got all glammed up? Back home to feed baby? Waste of money!!

This time is, however, a great opportunity to catch up on DVD watching and the like. Over the last week I've watched a few chick flicks and season 1 of The Thin Blue Line. Laughter is excellent for helping to kick those baby blues and feel semi-normal. Any suggestiond for comedies worth watching? I probably ought to be doing fitness videos or something during this time, but somehow cannot get the motivation for it. Ah well, another day…

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  1. Blackbooks is rather amusing in my opinion :)

    12 Apr 2006, 12:24

  2. Zoolander- hilarious cult film.
    Being There- just delightful.
    Some Like It Hot- good classic humour.

    12 Apr 2006, 13:26

  3. Coupling-hits the nail on the head sometimes.

    12 Apr 2006, 16:00

  4. Scrubs is fantastic – never fails to make me laugh!

    13 Apr 2006, 12:58

  5. Ah yes Scrubs is very good. Will look into some of those other suggestions too to stop me going insane :-)

    17 Apr 2006, 21:20

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