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May 09, 2006

Sleep deprivation…

…is definitely a form of torture. The night before last I found myself almost in tears at 4am begging this frustrated, unhappy, kicking little bundle to go to sleep, having spent 5 solid hours feeding, rocking, singing, cuddling, holding, winding, nappy changing… You name it, we tried it. Eventually he dozed off at 4.30, giving my husband 2 hours sleep before he had to get up for work, though he woke up for a feed around 5.15, went off to sleep again about 5.45, woke up again at 7.30 and decided it was time to get up for the day at 8am. When the postman came with a parcel around 11am and looked at me quizzically in my dressing gown before saying "Are you still not dressed?' I could have taken a swing at him. All manner of answers went through my mind, some of them unrepeatable, but I started politely explaining that I hadn't had a chance before coming to my senses, realising I didn't have to answer to him, rolling my eyes and shutting the door.

That's probably the worst night yet, though it isn't affecting me as badly as it used to. At least I'm over the baby blues which hit me a couple of weeks after he was born. Somehow, when he laughs or smiles at me, I forget how rough I feel and everything is right with the world again. Mother Nature isn't stupid – this has to be the way, otherwise we'd never reproduce. It still amazes me though.

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