March 14, 2006

Allow me to introduce somebody…!

Well, the short version is as follows:

Late on Monday 6th March I started getting cramps and from midnight onwards I was having regular, painful contractions. After 10 hours of this at home, lots of warm baths and paracetamol (and not a minute of sleep), we went into hospital (expecting to be sent home again until they got more regular) only to find out I was already 4cm dilated at 11am and wouldn't be leaving hospital without a baby! Started using gas and air (which made me a bit giggly) They examined me again at about 3pm and I was still only 4cm. Then my waters broke,* lots more pain* – much more intense, overdid it on the gas and air, momentarily passed out, then came round and started being very sick so I asked for an epidural – bliss…. The consultant came in and said labour wasn't progressing enough and if I wasn't 8cm by 6.30pm she would recommend a Caesarean section. At 6pm I was only 5–6cm so she said we should call it a day.

Got taken down to theatre, hubby dressed in scrubs – hehehe and baby Jacob Dylan was born at 18.39 on Tues 7th March weighing 6lb10oz, so their estimates of a 8–9 pounder were way out! So much for having a plan – never did get to have a week of pampering myself and eating out that was planned for this week!

Now feeling very bruised and not getting much sleep, but have been home a couple of days and am loving every bit about being a mum. Am going to put a bunch of photos of the little man in my Family gallery, so feel free to take a peek!

March 03, 2006

Eviction date set!

As the title suggests, the eviction date has been set… for the baby that is, not me! As there has been no progress (in fact baby has been moving backwards rather than getting closer to making its appearance!) the consultant said it's very unlikely that I'll be able to have a natural birth, so, as the midwife put it, this baby will be coming out through the sunroof – lol!!! Therefore I have a date of 10th March, which means this time next week I'll be a mum!

Preparing for major surgery is slightly bizarre. In this case I don't know whether to be excited, scared or what! Today I've been feeling pretty emotional about the whole thing. Won't be able to drive for 6 weeks which will be a nightmare, but am worried about what else I won't be able to do! I've stocked the freezer with ready meals/ things that can be shoved in the oven for half an hour with no further preparation but still haven't had any of those nesting urges so the house is a state. And the dining room curtains still aren't up.

At least I have one more weekend of freedom, although what I'll actually do with it I do not know.

February 27, 2006

Limiting the suspense…

Well, they have now given me a week to go into labour naturally, which will take me up to the day after I'm due. The consultant doesn't want me to go overdue, so if nothing has happened by next Monday (6th March), they'll be taking me in for a Caesarean section. Lovely. Or not. Either way, my baby will be here by the end of next week. So I reckon I have one more weekend of freedom to go. Yay! I personally think that my chances of having a normal delivery are slim, seeing as I'm pretty small and carrying a baby which is already estimated at 8lbs, but what do I know? So I have another week of waiting and wondering.

In the meantime I am busying myself making loads of baby announcement cards and (still) contemplating how best to make the dining room curtains and pelmet. Maybe balancing precariously on a ladder trying to hang them will send me into labour. Must try that this week. Along with all the other old wives tales…. curries, fresh pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, sex (haha, poor hubby – unlikely this one…) Any other ideas??

I've heard from several people that if your waters break in Marks & Spencer's they give you loads of free stuff – hehehe. Don't know if this is true, but maybe I should spend more time loitering in the town centre, just in case….

February 21, 2006

Can I possibly expand any more?

Well I am now too big for most of my maternity clothes – a very sad state of affairs indeed… I look like an Oompa Loompa as I am so round! On the upside I have only actually put on just over a stone, though you'd never believe it to look at me! I should put before and after pictures on here to show the scary scary truth!

Have been fighting a battle with all sorts of healthcare professionals after traipsing over to Walsgrave hospital on Thursday for my 'consultant appointment' only to be seen by a student midwife, not a consultant at all. Consequently all my questions were greeted with blank looks. Had I been with it I'd have kicked up a stink, but pregnancy does bizarre things to your brain. I then spent days trying in vain to get hold of my regular midwife to complain and insist on being taken seriously, though she appears to have gone AWOL (nice of her to let me know…) Finally succeeded in seeing a different midwife, who for once was very helpful and arranged for me to see a different consultant closer to home next Monday.

Oh, a tip for all would-be fathers – If your wife/fiancee/partner is pregnant and you are, quite frankly, appalled at how this once beautiful creature has morphed into an emotionally volatile, unattractive and altogether frightening alien life-form, rounder than she is tall, and with a network of stretchmarks resembling a tube map which is rapidly spreading across her stomach and thighs, the correct thing to say is that you still love her and think she is just as beautiful and sexy. (Even if you both know this to be a lie it will make her feel infinitely better and you will suffer less from the effects of her mood swings!) Have to say my hubby gets 10/10 for this one bless him – I know he can't be serious but it does cheer me up no end! :-)

I will have to go on a shopping spree to reward myself when I eventually get back to my normal size (so that'll be a few years down the line I imagine!). Or alternatively, a shopping spree to console myself when, after 6 months of miracle diets and exercising as much as a baby will allow, I realise I will never fit into my size 8 jeans, let alone that gorgeous ball dress hanging in my wardrobe (sigh).

12 days til I'm due, so really about 22 maximum before the baby is here. Though if they section me (eeeeek) it could only be a week away. Only upon writing it down have I realised just how soon that is – aaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!

February 10, 2006

Ahhhh… maternity leave

Weirdly it seems like I finished work a lot longer than a week ago, but it's fantastic! I haven't fully taken advantage of being able to lie in as late as I like, but just knowing I can potter around all day and be as productive or unproductive as I like is brilliant. Especially as sleeping through the night is something I can only reminisce about now – it's just too uncomfortable. And the lack of sleep will only be seriously augmented when the baby arrives – aaaarrrrrggghh!

So what am I filling my time with? Good question. Well apart from washing and ironing piles of teensy baby clothes and blankets in an attempt to get ready for the new arrival, I can finally do all those things I just never got round to doing whilst working, like phoning up loft insulation people, finding out how much it'll cost to rip up our front garden and put in a larger driveway, hanging curtains that have been sitting around waiting for months. Oh and cleaning the house. It really needs it – as anyone who's been here will tell you. Getting so excited about everything now – only 3 weeks and 2 days til I'm due! Ooooooh. So much to do before then though.

Despite the extensive list of things I have to get on with, I do seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer. Even getting bored of Ebay and iVillage! Shock horror!

Got a gig in Northampton tonight. Singing with a huge bump is a pain as I can't take such deep breaths and get tired a lot quicker, but it's some extra money and I'm doing some cracking songs, so it'll be a laugh! Will post more on that next time. Wonder if the sheer volume will induce labour?! They do crank the amps up really high by the end of the night!

Oh and the weirdest thing of all? I miss work! What is that about? With all due respect to anyone who works in Personnel, the job sucks and is really poorly paid, but somehow I miss it. Maybe I just miss having some structure to my day. I miss the people (most of them) and my colleagues were all so lovely and bought me some gorgeous things for the baba and for me and all their messages in the card made me get all gushy and sentimental. Surprised I didn't cry on my last day! Ahem. Must.Pull.Self.Together. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones!!

Anyone care to bet whether I'll be early or late?


January 19, 2006

baby blues

Follow-up to Late New Year's Resolutions from Kate's blog

Yes this may turn into my means of tracking the baby's progress. That'll bore most people I know senseless!!!!!! :-o I am sick and tired of being the size of a small country. I think I have consumed record amounts of chocolate in the past 48 hours (which admittedly isn't helping) – feeling a tad sick now…

January 17, 2006

Late New Year's Resolutions

Well, there really isn't long left til I go on maternity leave. 13 working days to be precise. I kind of have mixed feelings about it now. On the one hand, I can't wait to finish work and finally have a bit of R&R time before the baby comes along, yet on the other, I think I'll feel extremely isolated once I am stuck at home with a baby. It just struck me that none of my friends are in an even vaguely similar situation – the one who is lives over 100 miles away, and my friends round here get more and more distant all the time because whilst life moves on for me theirs seem to stand still. I know lots of people who have young kids or are expecting babies but they have older children too and are always too busy to socialise or just don't seem to be interested.

Maybe I'll set myself some late New Year's Resolutions:
1 – Lose all my baby weight and fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes by the summer
2 – Stop being so moody and hormonal and give Rich a break!
3 – Make some new friends

That'll keep me busy. I'm kind of hoping the first two won't be hard once the baby has arrived, but if I keep eating chocolate at the rate I am now….

December 22, 2005

Christmas holidays!

At last…. Thought they'd never arrive! Christmas party was subdued and uneventful and was all over within an hour and a half (what is that about I ask you?!)

Been having a pretty rubbish time of late – finally pregnancy is starting to take its toll. My emotions are all over the place – anything can set me off crying or snapping at people. (My profuse apologies to those who have been on the receiving end of my rollercoaster of emotions, though it's a miracle I didn't burst into tears at work on a couple of occasions this week….) Also over the past week I have become increasingly unable to walk and feel like a complete cripple as I can only shuffle along this evening and a trivial task such as putting on trousers makes me fall over. Will not be amused if I end up spending Christmas on crutches.

Despite this, I seem to have tricked most people into thinking I'm having a normal happy healthy pregnancy, but I think it's just to do with my state of mind- until the last couple of weeks I was fairly hyper still, only taking it out on Rich when I was feeling down, bless him. I think he deserves a medal for putting up with me being such a hormonal monster. Only 10 weeks of mood swings to go (I really can't handle myself when I'm down – just not used to it) then I have to morph into a responsible adult – yikes!

Must go see a doctor tomorrow before it gets to the point where I can't walk into the doctor's surgery! Must also practise the Christmas musical item I'm singing and playing tomorrow evening and make loads more Christmassy goodies for family etc who I'll be seeing on Christmas eve or Christmas day.

This time next year I figure I'll have an excuse to take the Bah! Humbug! attitude to Christmas and not bother spending so much time making pressies. People will probably be lucky to even get cards when I'm running round after a mini-me.

Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh!! So much to do, so little time…..

December 14, 2005

Not long til Christmas…

Well, there are only 6 more working days til Christmas and 24 more working days til the start of my maternity leave – Yayayayayayay!!! Feeling very festive now, and despite being mega organised in terms of Christmas shopping and having bought all my presents by 3rd December, I haven't done so well on the presents I'm making for people, nor on Christmas cards. Hmmmm.

Work is less exciting, due to recent events, so am tiptoeing round the office trying to avoid talking to anyone in case I get reported for talking about non-work-related things (again…) Tsk! Some people obviously have nothing better to do than sit and time my conversations.

Heading back home this weekend for Christmas at my dad's, followed by Christmas at my mum's on 25th and Christmas with the inlaws on 26th. Blimey, the festive season gets complicated when you have inlaws etc to visit – I'm probably going to do about 500 miles in my car between this Thursday and boxing day!!

Loads of gift wrapping and Christmas baking to do tonight – I'm so sad but do actually strangely enjoy being all creative in the kitchen.

A subdued yet hyper Kate

November 24, 2005

Nearly the weekend…

Woohoo! Today is payday, which makes the monotony of work slightly more bearable. Though the fact that I have to shop for Richard's birthday and Christmas before next payday means that there'll be very little left for me I expect! Went to see Harry Potter at the cinema last night – as expected it was cracking! Really worth watching, despite the fact I couldn't keep still! I still haven't read any of the books, which is pretty pathetic I know, but I do intend to…. it's somewhere there on my list of things to do when I get the time.

Oooh and I just won the auction I was bidding in on Ebay – got a funky little travel system for my bump for a mere £40. Not too shabby eh? Yes I do occasionally abuse work time and resources…

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