November 05, 2004

university housing. why!!!!!


that's the question thats bugging me. last week i open my emails to discover one from the university accomadation people saying we had till today to decide whether to keep our house!

they've changed the system of getting houses; so now instead of being able to apply for on campus accomadation, and finding out whether you get a place before you have to give up your house or anyone starts choosing houses. you have to give up your house and apply for on campus accomadtion and while you wait to find out if you get a place, everyone else can take the plu houses, leaving all the rubbish ones behind. so we can now look forwards to the prospects of rubbish housing and no one to live with.

also the date u can start choosing houses is so ridiculusly early, before it was january, now first years have to decide who to live with, having known everyone else just 6 weeks. i dont think i'd even met half the people i live with 6 weeks in!

when you mention how silly this new system is to the accomodation people, their reply is that they questioned people and this was what they wanted. i would be interested to know who they actually asked! i don't think they asked any/many penultimate year students, because i haven't found one person who likes the new system, everyone is complaing.

October 11, 2004

The begining

Today is the 11th of October 2004. i have just created a blogs account, since i have an hour gap before my next lecture and the undergraduate study room is full. In other words i have time to kill. I currently have no idea how to use it or what i'm doing.

Next step: Work out how to use this site

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