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January 20, 2005

does anyone know this book???

i'm trying to find the title and author of a book i read years ago (so its a childrens book) and i've decided to write this in the hopes that someone has read it at some point in there life (well i can hope can't i!)

anyway its a story of a girl who is involved in a hit and run accident. she ends up in wheelchair because of the accident (paralysed i think) . She is angry with her best friend because she thinks her friend jumped out of the way of the car, saving her own skin. she doesn't remember the actuall accident and her best friend has also forgotten what happened around the accident (shock)(though it later turns out that she pushed her out of the way to save her). she's angry at everyone because of what's happened to her. and she begins to discover she has telkinesis which she keeps a secret and starts practising. then she also begins to have visions,

she tells her brother not to go out on his bike but he thinks she's just saying it because she doesn't want anyone else to have fun, but she knows he's going to have an accident. which he then does.

she tells her brother about her visions etc.. and then her best friend goes missing and she uses her powers to find her.

it turns out the driver of the car was a step father or something of her best friend.

and if anywon can make sense of that jumble good luck.
if anyone has any ideas please let me know


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