December 10, 2006

leadership challenge

We had a very interesting game ‘leadership challenge’ on friday. It is about how a leader direct his/her team to arrive somewhere at the planned time with as many points as possible. I think it should be designed to test or practice the ability to lead, but when playing with this game, on the one hand, leader became just a information deliverer in fact, on the other hand, we as followers almost ignored existence of leader as well. Even so, we still collected the highest points among three teams. Does it mean that in the real world, such things might happen frequently in a sense. A leader doesn’t come into play as he should do. Perhaps, the success of project or strategy depends on the team cooperation more than being led by someone else.

I really enjoyed this module, and learned a lot in the way paul coach us, in which I was inspired to think a lot about leadership.Also, through dicussions in the seminar, there were many different but profound thought and reflection which all gave me deep understanding.As Ray said, the end of module is just a starting point to continue to learn more. I am on the way for ever.

December 08, 2006

leader vs dictator / leader vs crisis.

From my point of view, general leader is far from being called dictator. Only those who are very powerful leaders, no matter either personal power or positional power they have, could be mentioned to be compared with dictator. Subconsciously, every one want to be a dictator, as people like the feeling of owning the unlimited power to order or control others, it mignt be seen as one of the basic instinct of animal. It is very hard to self control 1oo percent, I believe that the external monitoring and restricting is most important to keep a great leader away from a dangerous dictator.

I totally agree with other classmates opinion presented in session. Additionally, I got other opion on it. When we talk about crisis,fist of all, it should be divided into two category, one is unforeseenable, another is foreseenable. Facing the crisis that could be estimated beforehand , a qualified leader should have the ability to realize what are the trouble they are experiencing and find out the root cause under the surface, make some changes to turn it around before it becomes a real crisis and prepare a plan of how to survive assuming that the crisis actually happens. When it comes to unforeseenalbe crisis, a effective leader is expected to identify the current state, check what resouce can be used, and make a right decision as soon as possible.

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