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November 16, 2006

Comments policy

I have decided that there is now a need for a comments policy on this blog as I have had a lot of comments on my previous entry, some of which are just people arguing with each other. I do, however, completely support the idea of debate. I just don’t approve of bitching. I wrote the following in a comment on my previous entry but feel that I should add it into another separate entry.

I welcome constructive criticism (i.e. explaining what is wrong with such and such a point of view and what could be done to improve that) but do not like the idea of anyone bitching about people or opinions. It is a free country and we are all entitled to say pretty much what we want (hence me not having an actual comments policy) but I will give you an example of what I see as acceptable and what I do not approve of – though I am always more likely to rip apart your arguements if you say something really destructive rather than deleting your comment.

Take, for example, a post on Union council – there are a few of these already and will be more throughout the year. Also my blog is primarily a democracy tool (as I explained in comment 12 on my last entry).

An acceptable comment would be something along the lines of:
“I don’t agree with the way you voted on the motion about green rabbits. It is in the best interests of the students if rabbits are allowed to be green. Would you please be kind enough to explain why you do not approve of rabbits being green. What would your alternative suggestion be?”
To which I would produce a constructive reply:
“I accept your stance on the ‘green rabbits’ debate, but after having heard arguements from both sides, I decided to vote against the motion. This was because I felt that it would be more in the best interests of the students if the rabbits were red. However, I have taken your point on board and will consider this if a similar motion comes up at the next council meeting.”

A not acceptable comment would be along the lines of:
“Ha, loser! Rabbits should be green and you don’t agree so I don’t like you.”
To which I would reply something along the lines of:
“Commenter, I do not think that I am a loser. There was a perfectly good reason I decided to vote against the ‘green rabbits’ motion and that was that I saw it to be in the best interests of the students if rabbits were red. This motion stated only that rabbits should be green. Please remember that I am representing the best interests of everyone and not just you. You can say what you want about me but don’t judge my personality only on how I voted on some motion about green rabbits.”

PS: Sorry about the “green rabbits motion” that I decided to use as an example. I just couldn’t think of anything better.

So now you know what my comments policy is, please try to stick to it.

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